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BlizzCon 2008 Gaming Convention

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BlizzCon 2008 begins this Friday, October 10, at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, CA. The show will feature two days of gaming, contests, developer Q&A panels, tournaments, and more, in addition to live entertainment by comedian Patton Oswalt, all-Blizzard metal band Level 80 Elite Tauren Chieftain, and Video Games Live. Our recruiting team will be there, too, so if you’re interested in a career at Blizzard Entertainment, bring along your resume, demo reel, art portfolio, or business card.
Following we will have a look at the relating news which may be helpful for you as for the improvements in the newest build.
Dual-Spec feature
Furthermore, don't expect us to be ripping up every other talent tree in the game at this stage. We will continue to change talent effects before Lich King ships, but don't expect a lot more massive rejuggling of the trees themselves. The dual-spec feature will shine more light on talent design (more wow gold on and we'll have a better idea of what we want to do with trees when that goes live. Some talent trees are nice and lean, and some probably have some points we could trim here and there.
Champion of the Naaru Title not obtainable anymore in 3.0.2.
Whenever the next patch is released, this is true. Same with obtaining the Amani War Bear and the title Hand of A'dal.
Housing, surnames, and roleplay support
We've stated before that player housing is a consideration for some point in the future, but it would need to be thought out carefully and would want to maximize their usefullness. As always, suggestions are welcome in the Suggestion Forum.
Surnames are another thing we've said are a possibility at some point in time. Just keep in mind that with many things, there are often technical considerations that come into play as well as time tables that must be considered. We need to take a look at how much work it would take and how much time it would take and weigh that in with all of the other features that we want to add into the game or improve upon.
We've been working to add more touches into the interactivity of quests, the world, and atmosphere overall wherever we can. You'll find more seating added in within various areas. You'll find some larger more welcoming inns in some areas, or even just open spaces that allow for RPers to gather in.
In Dalaran, you'll get to experience added touches such as a toy shop, the Barbershop, and pet store. There are more touches than that you will experience as you explore Northrend.
While you're right in that we can't do big GM run events without considerable resources, we have been continuing to push and add in as many interesting touches as we can to continue to bring the world alive.

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