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Blizzard gives out a day of compensation for the downtime

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 "This downtime left me very upset about the blizzard product. They drove their players to raid or die if you wanted to see content and in doing so it caused some massive burn out along the way. Several of our players announced over the weekend that they would not be continuing to play wow in wrath. So Tuesday was to be our last raid with several of these amazing players. But then our last raid was called because of Blizzards faulty product."One of the friends said that.Now everyone know that Blizzard gives out a day of compensation for the downtime.

Then he complain it again: In fact nearly 50% of our raids have been called since 3.0 launched because either the instance servers were down or the realm was down or players couldn't log on or it was simply too laggy to do anything.

But hey who cares that the game has been nearly unplayable in nearly all aspects from game stability to content provided (pvp if you were anything but a ret/boomkin/arc mage and PvE if you wanted any sort of challenge).

I'll miss the friends who will no longer be playing the game. And I am truly disappointed that we all missed our last raid together.

How do you think? Blizzard's been on shaky footing this week with all the downtime, from their forum issues to in-game mail problems, and even their main site has had trouble. But there's good news for those affected by the outages (everybody?): we're all getting an extra day of playtime. Tyren says that they believe the problems are now fixed, and that players will recieve a free day of gameplay sometime within the next two weeks.

Personally, I wasn't affected much, but free gametime is free gametime. The real test will be this evening and this weekend -- if Blizzard can keep their realms up even under the pressure of so many people checking out the expansion, it'll be a feat. But odds are that, considering how many players are likely to try checking out Northrend in the next few days, the shakiness is not quite over.

And seems many friends can stand at my side, they said again: I for one could care less how long the servers are down for the days before launch, as long as they use that time to ensure stability immediately post-launch. But hey, free time is free time, thanks Blizzard!

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