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Blizzcon 2008 News Summary

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Day 2 News
Patch 3.0.2 will be happening on October 14th, as previously predicted.
Blizzcon exclusive: In the first content patch after the release of Wrath, ground mounts will be able to swin! No more dismounting in water!
Blizzcon exclusive: The upcoming Ulduar Raid will include PvE siege weapons and destructible raid buildings!
The Strand of the Ancients battleground is being changes to 15 vs 15 and more siege vehicles are being added.
On the To Do list for devs is a big revamp to the quest UI. This will happen after the release of Wrath.
The upcoming Dual Spec system will tie into the action bar and Glyphs UI to make spec switching even easier.
Devs plan to add ways to gain XP to battlegrounds.
Devs plan to look at some of the "grindy" old-world reps, like Timbermaw.
What is the next expansion? No word yet, except: "Unbelievable boldness!"
Pandaren action figures could happen!
Day 1 News
Blizzard's big secret project is a new MMO, set in an entirely new universe. However, more details than that will not be heard for quite a while yet. 
Wrath has gone wow gold Master! The game is now being manufactured for it's November 13th release date. 
The World of Warcraft feature film is still in the works. A draft of the script has been completed. 
Ozzy Osbourne will be doing the next WoW what do you play commercial 
The big news about the upcoming Dual Talent Spec System is that the devs intend to allow players to respec at will mid-raid, thought likely not mid-fight.

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