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Blizzcon Day 2 - WoW Raid Panel

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Furthermore it really seems to waste the whole concept behind the 10 mans if you think about it. I, wrongfully now it seems, thought that maybe the 10 man concept would finely free the devs up to create some really challenging stuff for the high play time customer and guilds. In the end I guess we just do not represent enough of the population to worry about.
Hopefully the high play time people will now stand up and become a very vocal minority and get some of our concerns heard before they completely ruin the expansion for us.
At previous BlizzCon events, the dungeon teams have shown some 2D design documents and discussed how the instances were created. This year they used GM flight/observer mode to run the audience through the actual dungeons. The instances discussed were the Halls of Lighting and Ahn'Kahet while the raid dungeons included Chamber of the Aspects and  Eye of Eternity.
If you want to read more about the nuts and bolts of the instances, then you need to read Xerin's excellent report that has real information. I'm here to give you the gut feel of the conversation. Like I said earlier, we really didn't learn anything new, but that doesn't mean it should have lacked excitement. In this case it does though. I heard more moans and even a smattering of boos from the audience. Enough about the raiders sitting near me though, here are my thoughts.  In keeping with the Aspects, I've set up my own Chamber of the Aspects:
The John McCain Aspects
My friends, the new dungeons are all about you. Being original mavericks, Blizzard is veering away from long drawn out instances. They listened when we said "No Mas" to seven hour instances. Now they provide mechanics for keeping the instances shorter, but still retain that epic feel. I don't get too hung up on feeling epic, I just want the loot and I don't want to beat my head against a wall for 5 plus hours to get it. Luckily Blizzard is catering to me.
The Barack Obama Aspects
In a true movement of change, there are no attunements. Can I get a hallelujah? The crowd actually had a smattering of boos when the panel announced that there are no keys required. Who are these gluttons for attunements? Not anyone I play with I can assure you. That's not entirely true though, raids will need at least one person with the key/orb doodad from Naxx to start the event with Malygos in the Eye of Eternity. That met with only mild discontent from the hardcores.
The Sarah Palin Aspects
I'm reaching here, but I needed someone that represents the outdoors and the Governor of Alaska seemed appropriate. I love the idea of dungeons incorporating the indoor/outdoor feel. All of the instances discussed during the panel will have some view to the vast outdoors or take place in a combination of indoor/outdoor spaces. Variety is the spice of life, and I like this kind of spice. It really takes instances away from their tired old confines of being caves/dungeons with small cramped play spaces.

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