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Buffs And Debuffs For Priests And Druids

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Both Priests and Druids have buffs and debuffs. They have excellent buffs to apply to themselves and their party members. They come in handy sooner or later. Priests have Power Word, Divine Spirit and Shadow Protection. Druids have Mark of Wild and Thorns. We are mainly talking about them one by one. Please pay more attention.
Power Word: Fortitude - Priests offer this buff, which essentially raises the hit points of anyone it enchants for 30 minutes. Every class can use this buff.
Divine Spirit- Priests who have spent at least 21 points in Discipline talents may use this buff to raise the spirit of players it enchants for 30 minutes. Again, everyone can benefit from this buff, particularly casters.
Shadow Protection - Priests can help to protect themselves and their group members from caster mobs who fire shadowbolts and the like. Shadow damage usually appears purplish. If you're unsure, check your combat log to discover the damage type.
Thorns- Druids should limit this buff to melee classes who fight in close proximity to mobs. It causes a small amount of damage to nearby attackers. As the primary healer, it's not necessary to cast this buff on yourself.
Mark of the Wild- Druids cast this extremely potent buff, which improves the armor and all five stats of the player for 30 minutes. At higher levels, this also improves players' resistance to magic. Everyone benefits from this buff.
The buffs listed above improve the survivability of any player they enchant. And better survivability means a more successful group all around. So you can take the time to monitor these buffs. When roughly 3-5 minutes remain, ask the group to take a quick break to "rebuff." Players never mind breaking for a fort and Mark of the Wild. And remember, pets can use these buffs too.
When you reach the upper levels, you'll be able to learn a group version of these buffs. One cast of the group version will buff your entire party for 60 minutes, provided they are within range and that you have the required reagent. Priests will learn Prayer of Fortitude (level 48) and Prayer of Shadow Protection (level 60), while druids will train for Gift of the Wild (level 50). All of these spells used to be learned through books, but the lower ranks are now available from trainers.
Negative buffs (also called debuffs) such as diseases, poisons, curses and magical effects (like polymorph and some DoT spells) can be removed by primary healers.
Priests can use the spells 'Cure Disease' (and later 'Abolish Disease') to remove diseases from players. They can also use 'Dispel Magic' to remove magical debuffs, which is a great asset when you hit your 40s and beyond.
Druids can remove curses with the aptly named 'Remove Curse' spell, and poison effects can be eliminated with 'Cure Poison' (and later 'Abolish Poison').
But there are a few other buffs that are perfect for primary healers. Take Warlocks as example. They have the unique ability to create a 'Soul Stone' with the use of a soul shard. This is a special item that the warlock can spend to buff any player, giving them the ability to self-resurrect for up to 30 minutes. Thus, this buff gives your group a little added insurance. If your entire party wipes, you can self-resurrect and then use your revival spell to bring back others. But don't get overly confident. Soul Stone buffs can only be cast by warlocks every 30 minutes. In other words, if you die 5 minutes after you were Soul Stoned, it will be another 25 minutes before the Warlocks can Soul Stone you again.
Experienced Warlocks will Soul Stone you without needing to be asked. But inexperienced Warlocks may actually Soul Stone themselves instead of you. Don't get upset. Instead, tactfully explain that it's more beneficial for the entire group when you're Soul Stoned, since you can revive other players after a wipe.

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