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Choosing Professions in Wrath

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Blizzard's new philosophy tends to go make each profession have its unique benefit usable only if you decided to train it, meaning you should find each profession useful in one way or the other. A brief overview of what's coming in Wrath would be nice, don't you agree?


Mixology is a passive bonus to every elixir you drink (about 20% - 25% increased effectiveness)
Endless Healing and Mana potions are as far as I know the only potions so far usable in arenas. They do of course require alchemy as a profession, which will most likely make it the obvious choice for PvP healers. I said it once and I'll say it again, I loathe the idea of prolonging arena matches further, and I don't see how this can benefit it.

Gear socketing - blacksmiths will be able to add sockets to their own gear: belt, gloves, bracers and one-handed weapons. Belt and weapon "enchants" will not require having blacksmithing. It does stack with various other enchants on your items, and it will add an extra socket to an item even if it already has sockets.
There's of course plenty of weapons and armor, but Titansteel Destroyer caught my attention. Thank Elune it does not have a stun proc! For comparison, here's the Brutal Gladiator mace.


Ring enchants - there are four different ring enchants with attack power, healing, spellpower and haste rating. So far, there's no enchants giving all stats, but no harm done there. I'm also presuming the healing enchant will be removed due to spellpower change. The tooltips are inconsistent with the information found on Wrath wiki, but you're probably getting either 64 attack power, 38 spell power or 32 haste.
Enchanting is overall a very profitable profession, and don't forget the new enchantment scrolls which will enable you to sell enchants on the auction house
BoP wands - Wotlkwiki has a few screenshots if you want to compare stats, but I'm not too impressed. For those who prefer PvP, Gladiator wands will almost always come first due to resilience bonuses, and I doubt any raider is looking to squeeze a few more DPS from a wand.


Hand-mounted Pyro Rocket - I doubt it will scale with spellpower, but nevertheless a bonus 1,035 - 1265 damage once every minute is nothing to laugh at. In PvE, spellpower or assault will still most likely be preferred, but in arenas burst damage is the king, especially if you pair it with the next gadget
Gnomish Lightning Generator - for a one-minute cooldown trinket, this baby is bound to have a lot of fans. The damage it deals is absolutely amazing and probably a lot more useful than Battlemaster's trinkets. There's also the Noise Machine and Sonic Booster, but they are far from impressive.
Gnomish Army Knife - the new and improved Jumper Cables also include other tools required for crafting items which should save a few bag slots. Although the cables rarely work, it's nice being able to resurrect your healer with this.
Gnomish X-Ray Specs - I'm not sure how I feel about this one, but if you're into tauren porn go right ahead.
MOLL-E & Steam Powered Auctioneer - having a on-demand auctioneer and a personal mailbox is probably high on every players wish list, including my own. You can start selling Tier 7 as soon as you ninja it without having to even leave the instance!
Mechano-hog is truly badass (image). If you're looking for something to stand out from the crowd, having a motorcycle in a fantasy game should do the trick.
Nitro Boosts - it does not specifically say the item will become soulbound upon enchanting, but does say only “skilled engineers” can use it. It's the Wrath version of the infamous Rocket Boots. Whether it will work in arenas or not is unknown to me at this time, but if it does I'm seeing lots of possible uses - even if not, you will still be able to use it in Lake Wintergrasp, battlegrounds and world PvP. The beauty is you can enchant any boots with this.
Hyperspeed Accelerators - I believe it should be a 10% attack/cast speed increase at level 80. Since it lasts only for eight seconds with a two minute cooldown, Pyro Rocket looks like a better choice.
Goggles - epic ones are not yet available, but if they'll be as useful as in TBC, yet another reason to take engineering

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