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Choosing Professions in Wrath

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Glyph Mastery is supposed to give an additional major glyph slot at a cost of one minor slot. Little is known about this and inscription in general at this point.
Runewords - there is only one implemented so far, but it looks like we will be able to put temporary enchants on chest, similar to how oils made by enchanters work. Does not appear to be inscriber-bound, but you never know.
Scroll of Recall - a Hearthstone with a 15-minute cooldown? Yes please. Shaman and magi obviously won't find much use in this, but for everyone else it should be very useful.


Dragon's Eye gems are BoP gems with increased stats, which also match all socket colors (example). There's a full list available here; the Dragon's Eye attack power gem has only 14 more attack power than Bright Cardinal Ruby. You can have a maximum of three of these gems in your gear, which means either an extra 42 attack power, 33 stamina, 21 resilience, 27 spell power, et cetera.
Trinkets are absolutely insane: Emerald Boar and Twilight Serpent not so much, but Sapphire Owl looks promising for raid healers. Ruby Hare however looks like the next best thing along with the usual PvP trinket, and it will probably become standard equipment for all warlocks and priests.

Drums - similar to those that exist now, but with a twist. In Wrath, they will be a raid-wide buff, but also give a two minute debuff preventing you from being affected by another drums while it lasts. Meaning, one leatherworker per raid will be enough.
Fur Lining - Fur Lining is the new leatherworker-only bracer enchants, including 90 stamina, 70 spellpower, 120 attack power or 60 resistance to a particular spell school.


Tailoring in Wrath was discussed previously in Romil's post, but I guess I should do my own summary here.

Frostweave Net - I presume the nets won't be usable in arenas, but everywhere else Smatter will still own rogues.
Cloak enchants - Darkglow, Lightweave and Swordguard Embroidery should be equally useful for PvP and PvE, enabling you to do a bit of additional damage or cast a few more spells. I don't get one thing though, why would cloth-wearing classes need armor penetration - I can't imagine a warrior leveling failoring just for this. Will we witness a huge comeback of melee warlocks? In that case, I want the old Firestone back!
Leg enchants - tailors will receive an additional 15 spellpower along with other stats via Master's and Sanctified Spellthreads (to clear up possible confusion, there are still spellthreads which can be used by non-tailors, but with lower stats).
Magnificent Flying Carpet - flying on a very fast rug with Northrend's chilling breeze rushing through your hair: what else could you possibly ask for?
I didn't think I'll be writing anything about gathering profession, but I was wrong.


Wild Growth is a herbalist-only spell which heals 2,000 hit points over 15 seconds, with a three minute cooldown. It might appear to be useful today, but when Wrath hits and our stamina again skyrockets, it will not be so appealing. However, for a gathering profession it's still a nice buff.
Fire Leef and Fire Seed - since it does not share cooldowns with any other spells or items except for drums, this should prove to be very useful for raiding.

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