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Class Glyphs in Patch 9095

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Glyph of Wrath: Reduces the pushback suffered from damaging attacks while casting your Wrath spell by 50%. (Previously increases the chance you'll resist spell interruption when casting your Wrath spell by 50%.)
Glyph of Innervate: Your Innervate spell now grants you full mana regeneration while casting for 20 sec, in addition to the effect on the primary target. Innervate's effect is instead increased by 20% if you are the primary target. (Previously your innervate ability now has an additional 20% strength mana regeneration effect on you, in addition to the effect on your primary target.)
Glyph of Starfire: Your Starfire ability increases the duration of your Moonfire effect on the target by 3 sec, up to a maximum of 9 additional seconds. (Previously it didn't have the 9 seconds limit)

Death Knight
Glyph of Corpse Explosion: Any target killed by your Corpse Explosion ability will also explode. Only affects targets within range of your Corpse Explosion ability, and cannot happen more than once every 6 seconds. (Didn't have the range restriction)

Glyph of Trueshot Aura: While your Trueshot Aura is active, you have 10% increased critical strike chance on your Aimed Shot. (Previously increases the attack power bonus of Trueshot Aura by an additional 2%.)
Glyph of Holy Light: Your Holy Light grants 10% of its heal amount to up to 5 friendly targets within 5 yards of the initial target. (Previously 100 Yards, typo)

Glyph of Rupture: Increases the duration of Rupture by 4 seconds. (Previously 5 seconds)
Glyph of Shiv has been removed.
AddedGlyph of Vigor: Vigor grants an additional 10 maximum energy.
Glyph of Sprint: Increases the movement speed of your Sprint ability by an additional 30%, but reduces the duration by 5 seconds. (Previously decreases the cooldown of Sprint by 60 seconds.)
Glyph of Sinister Strike: Your Sinister Strike critical strikes have a 50% chance to add an additional combo point. (Previously 40%)

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