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Classes Blue Post

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3.0.3 Deep Wounds Bug (Source)
This is fixed now. I don't have an ETA on when you'll get the change. It will be in a patch that comes before the major Ulduar patch.

Titan's Grip (Source)
We still think 12% is the appropriate penalty to make the talent balanced. But when we found Fury's dps to be low, the penalty was an easy thing to change to bring Fury's dps up to par. A 5% penalty isn't a meaningful penalty though, it's more of an annoyance for the sake of having a penalty, so my point was when we reduced it from 12% to 5% we should have just reduced it to zero.

Assassination (Source)
I think you're reading too much in to what I said. Assassination is giving up some of its "tricks" in order to do more damage. You become a little closer to a shaman or warrior. That means if you get CC'd or something, you are more vulnerable than other rogues, which in turn means you might need your allies to bail you out. We don't think that makes the spec broken or even inferior – it's just a different play style.

Hunger for Blood (Source)
Ultimately, I think it will be. If we messed with it now, we would probably have to nerf Assassination somewhere else to make up for it. At this point we want to see rogues at 80 in PvE and PvP. As you can see, some rogues are saying they're doomed and some are saying they're fine. If Assassination is weak, then modifying some of those talents will be even more important. We do care about interesting rotations and abilities, but at the end of the day, if dps is too low on a dps class, then nobody will stick around to try the fun abilities, and if the class is OP, that will become the fun part of the class for people. While it's not true of all rogues by any stretch, I have found the class more willing to spec where the damage is compared to other classes. Some Frost mages just love Frost and will stick with it no matter how it fares. While some rogues do have their favorite tree, a lot of them are willing to respect to whatever is suspected to do the most damage. Because it also tends to be a mathy class, it's sometimes easier to figure out which build will do the most damage than for other classes.
More on Affliction changes (Source)
I've mentioned a couple of times that we want to simplify Affliction's rotation a little. Making the dot durations more consistent would help, but so would things like getting a couple of spells (Immolate and Siphon Life maybe) out of the rotation.

I'm not talking about nerfing Affliction, nor making those changes in a vacuum. This would be a redesign so that things felt more natural with ~4 abilities instead of ~6.

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