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DK Blue posts

Author: inwowgold Source:

One quick question. I'm sure you've seen all the threads-- do you still believe bears are adequate AE tanks? Can you please answer our concerns with swipe's limitations and thorns' lack of scaling?

Thorns really isn't designed to be something like Damage Shield. That is an avenue to explore if bears started to fall behind for any reason.

I don't personally have any difficulty using Swipe (and I've tried all four AE abilities). It requires slightly more positioning to use, but not so much that I really fear that bears won't be brought on raids. Although I understand why Ferals like to downplay it, warriors do have concerns that bears will be more desired because of heals, Innervate and Rebirth. It's going to be difficult to really make everything identical, and that's not really the goal. (Source)

Hunter (Skills List / Talent Calc. (9095))
Hunters and PvP

Do we think hunters were underpowered in the previous Arena seasons? Yes.
Do we think they will continue to be underpowered? We don't know yet.
ZOMG didn't the beta prove that hunters are still underpowered? This requires more explanation. PvP relationships are notoriously difficult to theorycraft. Mostly it just takes a lot of games. While we had some talented players in beta, it's still a very small sample size. Nobody was playing with their "real" character. Few players went through the effort to gear up (meaning enchant, gem and try out options) the way they will on Live. The balance in beta was changing very rapidly, including many bug fixes. We did give hunters some new abilities, some of them potent, and we did change several other aspects of combat that will affect balance. Hunter dps is by most accounts on the top of the charts in PvE, so clearly the problem is more complex than just buffing dps. We also realize that PvP balance can change over time without us doing anything? How can that be? Well, players experiment and adapt. New strategies and counters arise. Now that isn't an excuse for us to never address balance problems, but it is an acknowledgement that balance is dynamic, not static, even without our involvement.
Will we take steps to adjust hunters if they continue to be weak in Arenas? Yes. This is absolutely a concern of ours. To some extent my reputation is on the line here because I keep trying to assure players that we will make adjustments, and I know you'll throw it back in my face if we don't deliver. The game has only been out for a few days though, so it's just premature to make sweeping changes yet. I realize some knowledgeable hunters are convinced the changes we made were not enough. At the end of the day though, it is us, not the players, who need to make decisions about game design. We will always listen to your feedback when making our decisions though. (Source)

Paladin (Skills List / Talent Calc. (9095))
Protection Tree
There are several similar threads on Prot paladin issues so forgive me for only responding to this one. My thanks also go out to other players who have tried to respond here. I will comment on a couple of things --

Righteous Defense -- We're not sure yet if we want to change this ability (possibly through glyph) or just add a normal taunt (for free -- not the 11 point talent). Both designs have their advantages.

Health -- While I do think the "huge differences" between warrior and paladin health pools are a wee bit exaggerated, we do have an opportunity to provide paladins with a little more health when we change Divine Protection and Divine Shield. The benefit of Sacred Duty to remove the attack speed penalty will be unnecessary with this change, so we thought we might add additional Stam to this talent instead. (The cooldown could stay the same.)

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