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Death Knight
DK now do x2 dmg on melee/spell critical hits
Death knights now do double damage on melee and spell crits. Normally spell crits are only 1.5x damage.
This was an intended change. Death knights derive a lot of damage from spells, but not so much that it made sense to give them a talent to increase spell critical damage. It's just a passive bonus for them.
We were worried about certain specs not scaling as well with high levels of gear. (src)

Death and Decay damage lowered
Crypt Fever was removed from its damage, though apparently not for everyone?
That shouldn't have affected the damage for Blood and Frost though. We'll try to figure out what happened. We had no intention to nerf it. (src)

Does Blood Gorged need a buff?
It's somewhat balanced because the similar talents in Frost and Unholy are dependent on diseases, which are also unpredictable in PvP.

It's possible you will be doing 10% less damage than other classes, but A) if our balance is so good that you can detect that difference - yay, and B) PvP fights have a lot more to do with crowd control, interrupts, healing, burst damage and mana drain than overall dps. If we think these talents' relative weakness in PvP is the tipping point, of course we will revisit them. (src)

PTR Testing / Expansion launch / ZA Bear Mount
We have no released a date for when the patch that is in testing on the PTR will go live. But I agree with some of the people above in that there isn't a lot of time left since the expansion launches on November 13.
The current plan is to make it unobtainable with the upcoming patch. We are still doing some testing on this but this is how it should go. (src)

Wrath of the Lich King releasing on DVD only
World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King will only be available on DVD, not on CDs. That goes for both the regular box and the Collector's Edition. (src)

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