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Combat tree to get a damage buff
We're looking into pumping the damage up in Combat, still. (src)

Riptide will see additional changes
We have a lot of work to do still on Riptide. We still think the niche is good, but the numbers don't feel right yet. (src)

Elemental tree to get damage buffs
We started to realize Elementals were going to log into 3.0, even before Northrend, and see LB damage way down. That feels pretty cruddy. So we're talking about ways to get the damage back up there to where it feels decent in small groups or solo.
The good news is that overall, Elemental damage was low. That's going to give us a lot of room for Balance-like damage buffs. I'm not saying we're going to handle it the same way, but you should see it go up noticeably in a patch or two. (src)

Enhancement future changes
I can say that we aren't thrilled about seeing Enhancement shammies in caster gear, with two fast weapons and dual FTs. We have some ideas that will shift Enhancement back to caring about AP more, while still letting you do a lot of spell damage, because that's a cool part of the class. I predict that WF / FT will be more popular, but you never know. (src)

UR changes
If I didn't mention it before, UR should be affecting ranged attack power too. We'll get that fixed. (src)

Koraa on Elemental DPS
Elemental was doing more sustained DPS than any Mage or Warlock spec, which is why we had to tone down some of the talents. Going into WOLK we did lower the coefficient. It always had a higher coefficient because there was no nature damage debuff. Now that there is, we've fixed the coefficient to be more in line. There's a reason why Elemental Shaman have some of the highest burst damage in PvP, and it's because their base nuke does more damage than other classes. Other classes require debuffs like Curse of the Elements, Shamans don't (until after the WOLK fix). (src)

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