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Dalaran Arena in Wrath of the Lich King

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The Pillars
Once the fight has begun, there are two major obstacles you must be aware of and use to your advantage if you want to win the fight. The first and foremost being the two pillars on opposite sides of the arena.
The pillars rise and fall periodically, giving not only the ever important LoS, but also something which you can get on top of and ride it up to relative safety. This allows you to not only LoS casters but to get out of range of melee classes, making it a very important spot to have control of when the fight is around the pillars. There are many ways to gain control of them, and through coordination with your teammates, it can get you a huge advantage. Having your healer, or a caster up on top of a pillar in a position where they can escape a lot of damage and possibly cast without interruption, can be exactly what you need to win you the match.
To gain control of the pillar, and peel your opponents who're also going to want to get on top of it, it can be very advantageous to have a "CC" or crowd control ability or a stun ready for the other team when the pillar is about to go up. An AoE fear, frost nova, kidney shot or hammer of justice are a few of the many ways to prevent an enemy from getting on the pillar while you take it up to safety away from the enemy warriors, rogues, feral druids, enhancement shaman etc.
Similarly, if you are followed up onto the pillar by an enemy player, it is a great place to sheep, trap, or similarly crowd control them as they are almost guaranteed to be out of line of sight from anyone on their team who could remove the crowd control from them. In WoW 3.0, sometimes the only way to survive is to avoid the damage altogether, as at times it is simply not possible to heal through, and the pillars are a great way to do this.
The Walls of Fire
The walls of fire raise and fall opposite to the pillars. While the pillars are up, the walls of fire are down, and vice versa. They do significant damage to whoever is unfortunate enough to get caught in them, or be forced to walk through them to get to a teammate or enemy.
Walking through them applies a DoT effect called Flame Trench which deals ~550 damage each second to me on my rogue with 416 Resilience (one thing to also note is that although you still take damage from the debuff, it does NOT break you out of stealth interestingly enough, which I assume is a bug). The debuff itself is not magic, and the tooltip says "Deals 10% Fire damage per second", although it's doing nowhere near 10% of my HP. So I'm not sure if it's a bug or just severely toned down by Resilience.
Either way it does enough damage that you don't want to get caught in it. Capitalizing on an enemy player crossing it can easily make the difference between them living or you getting a kill in a game where people constantly survive with only a few HP remaining. If you're able to stun or root someone on the flames, it continues to do damage until 3 seconds AFTER they're out of it. Meaning in a HoJ to Kidney Shot, or Kidney Shot to Deep Freeze, it's adding a ton of extra damage. In a Kidney Shot to Deep Freeze, you're looking at 11 seconds of them being stuck in place, plus the additional 3 seconds of the DoT ticking after they have gotten out, for a total of 14 seconds and ~7700 extra damage from the DoT alone. Add that on top of the damage a player will be taking already in those stuns, and the chances of surviving are quite low. One thing to also note is that although you still take damage from the debuff, it does NOT break you out of stealth.[World of warcraft gold here]


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