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Dalaran Arena in Wrath of the Lich King

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There is also a pipe hanging down from above which periodically pours water down, knocking back players, and bugging out pets, trapping them in there until it stops.
The lower area is somewhat of a trench. It surrounds the entire elevated center of the map at a slightly lower level so that you can easily hop down to it without taking any fall damage, but so that you're also not able to jump back up and are forced to run all the way around to a staircase in order to get back up.
After the gates have been open for a few seconds, if you have not left the pipe, you get pushed out of it into the arena. This knocks you out of stealth, and generally puts you in a bad position right off the bat, so you want to be sure to move in quickly to avoid this happening to you.
Due to the map being two tiered, LoS is very important. It is extremely easy to be out of LoS of your healers while swapping between the two tiers, and moving in and around the main platform, as both the water (which pours down periodically) and the boxes on the corners serve as LoS.
You have to be careful where you run as taking one step too far can force your healer into a very long run to get back into a position from which they can heal you.
This map will require very good communication from healers to play well on, as people must always know if they're safe to chase an enemy player or if they must stop short and find another target.
The key to this map, in my opinion, is being in control of the upper platform, pushing up quickly into the middle of the map and gaining the full advantage of the LoS up there, and hopefully pushing the other team down into the power leveling allowing your casters to heal or damage from above and avoid much more damage than would otherwise be possible. Because you cannot jump from below up to the higher level, if a player jumps off they're forced to run all the way around to one of the two staircases up to the elevated center of the map, which are on opposite corners of it near each teams starting area.
Controlling the upper ground in World of Warcraft has always been important, whether it's the pillars or bridge in Blade's Edge Arena, the pillars in Ring of Valor, the tomb in Ruins of Lordaeron, or the elevated center in Dalaran Arena, so this is nothing new, and should come as no surprise to arena veterans who should be able to easily and quickly adapt to this arena.
Other than the LoS factor, this is a very straight forward map without many complications, that it may will work well for both competitive and casual arena throughout Wrath of the Lich King.

With the addition of Death Knights in WotLK this will be even more interesting, as they're able to pull players to them, making them able to pull enemy players onto the fire setting them up to be stunned there, and possibly killed quite easily. It's definitely something to watch out for.{wow gold here is very cheap}


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