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Death Knight Builds

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The key to a successful build though is your rune rotation. You want a set rotation that times your abilities with your rune recharges and you want a talent build to compliment it. So the key to making your own talent build is to focus on what abilities you want to use and the order then get all of the talents that compliment those abilities and the talents that compliment your character and playstyle.
If minions and bees are not your thing then Blood is also a viable leveling build. That's where you just pump your melee abilities all the way up.
This Blood leveling build (at level 57, finish it out then move on to Frost) gets you lots of healing, lots of melee damage, and will lead up to Dancing Rune Blade.
This build is designed around Blood DPS & tanking. This means you'll be set to switch quickly between DPS and tanking (with an emphasis on tanking) while raiding or doing dungeons. With your high damage and heartiness then you you'll be able to solo without a hitch. Damage mitigation is done with Mark of Blood and Vampiric Blood. Rune Tap is great for healing and Dancing Rune Blade, as always, is a great ability to launch out when you need that extra DPS. Bloodworms provide healing over time and Spell Deflection helps with casters. Overall it is a very rounded build.
Frost Hybrid
Link to the Build
This build will give you a ton of additional critical strike rating meaning that you're going to be seeing those big bold numbers often. Death Rune Mastery is going to provide a lot of Death Runes to give you a little bit of flexibility in your rotation. As with most Frost builds you're going to want to Dual Wield in order to really maximize the talents and haste that you receive.
Unholy builds are hard to make because there is really no bad way to go about it. Try this build on for size though:
Link to the Build
With this build you're going to want to a Dual Wield. Anyway, the point of this build is to give you a strong minion (that you can control), lots of diseases, and a little bit of ice to boost Icy Touch a bit. You're going to want to focus a good bit on your cooldowns and a good deal on your rotation along with macro your minion.
As of right now there is no solid build for PvP since the arena season has yet to start. Most PvE builds will work "ok" in PvP and since PvP is subjective it's also highly suggested that you build your own. Minions are really weak in PvP so you may want to not focus a lot on them as you build yourself up and the ability to take in a ton of magic damage (like the anti-magic shield) is something to focus on in big siege battles like in Wintergrasp.
That's it for the Death Knight Talent builds. Stay tuned as we're constantly updating and changing the builds to reflect the current game.

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