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Death Knight DPS Builds

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Blizzard said that Death Knight can both tank and DPS. But the fact is that Death Knight can not make use of a shield. So at present more and more players pay more attention to the DPS Death Knight. Here we take this opportunity to talk about the Death Knight DPS builds.

I have been toying with a few DPS builds for Death Knight. There are basically 2 Paradigm's for DK DPS right now. The Physical Paradigm revolves around having at least 30 points in Blood - namely Bloody Vengeance and Abomination's Might. The Magic Paradigm hinges on Scourge Strike and disease damage, typically sacrificing physical damage in the process.

If you take great interest in this content, please see the following content:

Physical Specs

The first is a 30/41/0 Blood/Frost build  that gets Bloody Vengeance / Abomination's Might and Frost Strike. The projected rotation for this would be 2 rotations alternating like IT,PS,Oblit,BS and IT,PS,Oblit,Oblit (second oblit uses Death Runes from Blood of the North). Free cool-downs will be used for Howling Blasts from Rime procs and dumping RP on Frost Strikes.

I have a couple spare points in talents in Scent of Blood because I'm not sure how much RP dumping will be possible yet with FS on spare cooldowns. If I wind up with too much RP, those points can be put in Bloody Strikes. Likewise the points in Death Rune Mastery are pointless from a pure DPS perspective but they give flexibility for when you're out soloing or tanking to drop Pestilence and Bloodboils.

The major highlights of this build are many: Abomination's Might, Bloody Vengeance, Annihiliation, Blood of the North, Improved Icy Talons, Frost Strike.

The next build is probably a good deal more common for DPS and is a 51/13/7 Deep Blood build that gets Dancing Rune Blade, Annihilation and Epidemic. This build would use a more complicated rotation because your diseases last longer: IT,PS,Oblit,HS,HS, then (skipping IT/PS) Oblit,HS,HS and repeating. I'm not sure yet how reliably you can pull this rotation. If you have to re-apply diseases every rotation then the points in epidemic are wasted and dropping unholy points for something like 53/18/0 would be better, once they fix Icy Talons to work without having Improved and assuming no Windfury totem in the raid.

Compared with the BV/AM/FS build, this build benefits from increased crit damage on Oblits, more expertise and a bit more white damage along with 1 additional DPS cooldown (lose Unbreakable Armor, gain Dancing Rune Blade and Hysteria). You lose Improved Icy Talons, and a decent RP dump (Frost Strike) along with 1 less Obliterate every rotation because of losing Blood of the North.

Magical Spec

Magical Spec will probably become a cookie-cutter Unholy spec. You grab 2-hand spec in Blood, Black Ice in Frost and the rest in Unholy. The rotation would basically drop BS entirely because of the lack of damage on it and look like: IT,PS,SS,Pest,Pest (or BB if tanking). Then a 2nd rotation of SS,SS,SS, before restarting. For this reason it makes a good AOE spec and a good tanking spec since you spam pestilence or BB for Death Runes to SS. In addition, if there are 2 or more mobs, you can use Pestilence to keep them both diseased full time and always have 2-3 Scourge Strikes per rotation on the primary DPS target.

This spec is primarily advantageous for tanking, because it favors diseasing multiple targets, has good threat on a single target and has the armor bonus from frost. It would also be most effective as DPS in fights where you are fighting multiple targets in close proximity.

As above, I hope this content caters for your desired requirements. Meanwhile you can come to our wow gold site to share your experience with other players who take more notice of this information.


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