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Death Knight's Death Grip

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   Death Grip is a pretty new mechanic -- instead of charging or jumping away from a mob, you're bringing the mob to you. And with all new mechanics, players have found new ways to play with them.

You guys should be happy that your opponents are using death grip in this idiotic way. Put some sort of immunity debuff or whatever on it and the subsequent Death Knights will have to use it on something where it actually matters, like interrupting enemy spells or saving wounded teammates from finishing blows.

Death Grip is not a CC. It doesn't stun you for x seconds. It doesn't sheep, fear, cyclone you. Even more it doesn't Hammer of Justice and root you. It doesn't even give them insta-runic power. All it does it brings the target into their melee range so they can get some attacks off. Death Knights need Death Grip as they lack: ms, cc, escapabililty. Probably Death Grip is one of the few abilities that gives Death Knight's a chance seeing as: their debuffs are mediocre and dispellable, and their strongest attacks are active disease dependant.

Having three or four death knights bouncing a single person around is a ton less CC than a single Mage can put out with frost novas, rank 1 frost bolts, or Blizzard. And it takes multiple Death Knights to do it. And every time one Death Knight bounces a target that another Death Knight is meleeing, he pulls it out of melee range of the previous guy. 

There is one thing you should bear in mind that Death Grip has a 35 second cooldown. We can't think of a single thing with a cooldown that long that has diminishing returns. It may end up being nerfed in some way, but adding a diminishing returns is unlikely to be the way they pick. Just be happy most of the Death Knights you will face are dumbasses who use it to "pull" rather than saving it for when it would actually be useful.

Now it is the time for us to compare what happens when you get death grip chained to what happens when you get death coil chained (assuming no DR on either one). In both cases, we're going to assume that they are timed such that the target can not even manage to get off an instant.

Death Grip: Moves the target from where he is to right next to the caster. Seems nearly instant to me, but we're sure it takes some time. Interrupts anything you're doing with a cast time. We're assuming you cannot cast insta casts while "in flight", but we haven't actually tried it, so we're not at all convinced that you can't. We'll assume for the sake of this discussion that you can't cast while in flight.
Death Coil: Target flees in terror for 3 seconds and takes 790 shadow damage while caster is healed for a like amount. Presumably, this is adjusted for spellpower, but we don't think we ever actually checked that on our Warlock alt. We'll assume it is and round the damage/heal up to a nice even 1000 to make the math easier. Interrupts anything you're doing with a cast time.

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