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Death Knight & Druid in World of Warcraft Build 9095

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Death Knight
Deathchill: Buff only lasts 30 seconds.
Improved Icy Talons: Now increases melee and ranged attack speed instead of just melee speed.
Rune Strike: Cost increased to 20 Runic Power.
Tundra Stalker: Now increases your expertise by 1/2/3/4/5. Down from 2/4/6/8/10. No longer affects Icy Touch.
Improved Icy Touch: Frost Fever reduces melee and ranged attack speed by an additional 1%. Down from 2%. Last 2 ranks listed as 0% reduction.
Frigid Dreadplate: Now just reduces the chance melee attacks will hit you by 1/2/3%.
Black Ice: Tooltip updated to reflect only affecting Frost damage.
Chains of Ice: Now the target regains 10% of their movement each second for 10 sec. Changed from the target regains 5% of their movement each second. Lasts for 20 sec.
Death Coil: Rank 2 values reduced to 208 Shadow damage to an enemy target or healing 312.0 damage from 272 Shadow damage to an enemy target or healing 408.0 damage.
Summon Gargoyle: Cost increased to 50 Runic Power. Now persists for 10 sec plus 1 sec per 8 runic power up to 60 sec. Changed from 1 sec per 8 runic power up to 60 sec.
Corpse Explosion: Now has a 30 yard range.
Unholy Blight: No longer makes targets considered diseased. All ranks had a slight damage increase.
Crypt Fever: Now increases disease damage taken by the target by 10/20/30%. Changed from increases the damage of other diseases on the target by 20/40/60%.
Glyph of Corpse Explosion: Any target killed by your Corpse Explosion ability will also explode. Only affects targets within range of your Corpse Explosion ability, and cannot happen more than once every 6 seconds.
Eclipse: Now on proc, increases damage done by Wrath by 20%. Up from 10%. Critical strike chance with Starfire increased by 30%. Up from 15%.
Earth and Moon: Increases spell damage taken by 4/9/13% for 12 sec. Also increases your spell damage by 1/2/3%. Changed from Arcane, Fire, Frost, Nature and Shadow damage and 5 ranks.
Moonfury: Changed to 3 ranks, 3/6/10%.
Predatory Instincts: No longer affects Bear Form or Dire Bear Form.
Growl: Cooldown reduced to 8 seconds. Down from 10.
Improved Tree of Life: Now increases your armor contribution from items while in Tree of Life Form by 33%. Changed from overall armor increase.
Glyph of Starfire: Your Starfire ability increases the duration of your Moonfire effect on the target by 3 sec, up to a maximum of 9 additional seconds.
Glyph of Wrath: Reduces the pushback suffered from damaging attacks while casting your Wrath spell by 50%.
Glyph of Innervate: Your Innervate spell now grants you full mana regeneration while casting for 20 sec, in addition to the effect on the primary target. Innervate's effect is instead increased by 20% if you are the primary target.

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