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Death Knight:Horde Races

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Key Factors: Will of the Forsaken

WotF, the controversial fear-breaker, has been nerfed slightly in the newest expansion (no more immunity period), but it's still going to win you more games than any other racial.  Some fear/sleep/charm effects have been buffed, and a few new ones have been added, so this actively usable ability remains quite powerful.  You'll face these effects from Warlocks, Priests, Warriors, Hunters, and potentially Deathknights in WotLK, and being able to save your trinket for a "second" major CC is just too good to pass up.


Key Factors: Arcane Torrent

Though Deathknights do have a few silences and interrupts of their own, the addition of this on-demand PBAOE silence is still a nice (and flexible) tool for your DK arsenal.  It can be used offensively or defensively, and with zero resource cost, there is no downside.  More and more instant spells are being added to the game all the time, and silences are the only way to stop them -- this one will definitely win you some games all by itself.  Slight extra points here because Death Grip will help DKs land this more often.

3. ORC

Key Factors: Hardiness, Blood Fury, Axe Specialization

Orc DKs will be quite viable, and while their racials may help you win some games, it will not always be as obvious as a win coming from WotF or Arcane Torrent.  Hardiness to reduce stun duration is fantastic, as more stuns have been added in WotLK, and stuns usually lead to death.  Blood Fury no longer applies a healing debuff, so that is a huge step forward for this on-demand DPS boost (which stacks with trinkets).  Lastly, the increased expertise on Axes may not seem like a huge deal, but it's one more advantage on the pile.


Key Factors: War Stomp, Endurance

Tauren racials have gotten a little worse this time around, as War Stomp suffers from the addition of "reduced stun duration" effects, and the 5% increased health from Endurance has been changed to a sliding-scale buff which gets less effective as your gear improves.  With stamina-heavy PvP gear, you can bet we'll be seeing a good bit less than 5% health out of this passive talent.  Both of these racials are still useful, but I think you'll see fewer wins directly attributable to them.


Key Factors: Da Voodoo Shuffle, Berserking

Deathknights are fairly light on auto-attack damage, so Berserking is not really so hot in practice.  The addition of a passive 15% reduction to root/snare duration is a nice buff, especially for a class with a major weakness to kiting, but I still believe Trolls are the bottom pick for Horde.  The snare duration reduction, while solid, is not quite as good on a melee class like Deathknight as it is for a class that would rather get AWAY from melees (like Shaman, Hunter, or Priest).  I also weight it lower than Orc's stun duration reduction because snares are much more readily reapplied than stuns. You may win a game every once in a while due to Voodoo Shuffle, but it's not going to be that often (and you probably won't know it when it happens).

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