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Death Knight Talent Changes

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MMO Champion recently compiled a list of all the new changes in the official talent calculator. With a new Beta Build on the test servers, Death Knights have received a massive amount of talent changes.These changes are assumed to be part of the next patch.
Death Knight: Blood
Blade Barrier - Now activates when your 2 Blood runes are on cooldown (Old: All 6 runes needed to be on cooldown)
A very nice change, this basically means that now you'll have +10% parry 99% of the time if you take this talent, which is quite amazing for just 5 talent points.
Will of the Necropolis now increases your expertise by 3/6/9 instead of 4/8/12
Blood Gorged now only affects melee damage
Vendetta nerfed to a max of two talent points, 2/4%
Frost: Frost Presence - Armor contribution from items increased to 60%. (Old 45%)
That's a pretty big boost and a much needed one, tanking instances while leveling should be easier now, no matter what your spec is, and that's great.
Frost Strike - Now cannot be dodged, blocked, or parried.
Great for tanking and great for improving frost DPS, which was very lacking
Wow, frost is going to be pretty good now. Frost Strike and Howling Blast should do substantial damage. Too bad they removed the shadow damage boost, it would have had very nice synergy with the Unholy Tree, but probably would have been too powerful anyway, so this is a good change.
Frost Aura increases your Frost Resistance by 32/65 instead of 22/45.
Nerves of Cold Steel moved from tier 3 to 2.
Annihilation moved to tier 3.
Merciless Combat now grants 30/60/undefined% more damage to targets below 20% health.  Unlinked from Frost Strike.
Blood of the North (new talent, tier 8 ):  Whenever you use a Blood Strike, there is a 20/40/60/80/100% chance that the Blood Rune will become a Death Rune when it activates.


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