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Death Knight Talent Changes

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Corpse Explosion base damage has been changed from 60 to 216.
Improved Corpse Explosion now casts a disease on enemy target that deals 36% of the explosion damage over 15 seconds instead of 9 seconds.
Unholy Aura increases your Shadow Resistance by 32/65 instead of 22/45.
Unfortunately this was not the major buff to frost we all had anticpated/wanted. That's not to say Frost Aura wasn't buffed (albeit somewhat of a trivial change).
Blood received a bit of a nerf, however not game changing.
And finally Unholy, surprisingly, nabs Blizzard's buff stick…sort of. The disease from Imp CE takes 6 seconds longer to complete, however the initial buff on damage may increase the overall damage it does.
It seems like they're finally getting there in terms of balancing the 3 trees. Frost is becoming more and more the proper tree for tanking, while still gaining more DPS. Blood's DPS is finally getting close to the one of Unholy.


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