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Death Knight in Patch 9183

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Death Knight
Targets affected by Chains of Ice now regain 10% of their movement each second for 10 sec. (Up from 5% each second fro 20 second)
Rune Strike now costs 20 Runic Power (Up from 10) and has been changed from "Instant" to "Next Melee Attack"
Corpse Explosion range has been increased from 20 to 30 yards.
Unholy Blight damage increased (37 DPS to 48 DPS for Rank 4, 31 to 40 for Rank 3, 23 to 30 for Rank 2). Targets aren't considered diseased anymore.
Bloody Strikes now increases the damage by 10/20/30% (up from 6/12/18%) and the bonus damage from diseases by 20/40/60% of your Blood Strike and Heart strike.
Hysteria doesn't cost a Blood Rune anymore. Cooldown changed from 2 minutes to 3 minutes.
Tundra Stalker doesn't affect Icy Touch anymore. Now increases expertise by 1/2/3/4/5. (Down from 2/4/6/8/10)
Acclimation now has a 20% chance to boost magic resistance. (Down from 30%)
Improved Icy Talons now increases the melee and ranged attack speed of your group or raid by 20% for the next 20 sec. (Previously it didn't affect ranged attacks)
Frigid Dreadplate now Reduces the chance melee attacks will hit you by 1/2/3%.
Deathchill now only works if the ability is used within 30 seconds.
Black Ice doesn't affect Shadow damage anymore.
Improved Icy Talons now increase the melee haste of your group or raid and increases your haste by 5% at all time. (Doesn't affect ranged attack speed anymore, doesn't affect only the DK's melee haste anymore)
Improved icy Touch now makes your Frost Fever reduces melee and ranged attack speed by an additional 2/4/6%.
Ebon Plaguebringer magic damage taken by 4/9/13% (Previously Vulnerability to magic, wording change).
Crypt Fever now increases disease damage taken by the target by 10/20/30%. (Down from 20/40/60%)
Summon Gargoyle now costs 50 Runic Power (up from 30) and lasts 10 sec plus 1 per 8 Runic Power.

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