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Death Knights Gear upgrades

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Let's discussing some of the best quest upgrades for a Death Knight in the first few zones of Northrend, but before we do that, I'd like to mention one more gear-related thing from our tanking column last week: The Cobalt "set." It's not technically a set in that it doesn't have a name or set bonuses, but it's 8 pieces of crafted armor, made by Blacksmiths at 375 skill and equippable at level 70, that provides tons of strength, stamina, and defense.

It won't get you to the level 70 Defense cap of 490, but it will come pretty close, close enough that if you can pick up a piece of defense jewelry or a trinket or two, you'll be set for tanking up until the mid 70s or so. The pieces, specifically, are helm, shoulder, chestpiece, bracer, gauntlets, legplates, boots, and belt. Grabbing these will mean that you're probably almost ready to tank Utgarde keep the moment you hit level 70, and should catch you up in effectiveness to your average level 70 pre-heroic BC-era tank, at least.

It only takes a total of 37 Cobalt Bars to make -- that's less than 2 stacks. If you've been keeping on on your mining on any of your characters, or if you have a bit of leftover daily money, it's well worth getting this stuff crafted. Haste and Expertise just aren't as good for us as they are for many melee, especially for 2-hand wielders. For one, we do a very large portion of our damage as spell and disease damage, and these are pretty much completely unaffected by either stat.

Expertise is going to be most effective for Death Knight tanks, who are still going to want to keep from being parry-gibbed. For the other part, as 2-hand wielders, most of our remaining damage is done with instant-cast strikes which don't need haste to be effective. Our white damage is a very small part of our ability. Keeping that in mind will probably affect how we decide what gear to pick up.

Nozdormu -- if he is in fact the leader of the Infinite Dragonflight as is hinted ingame -- is trying to alter the past because Arthas plays a role in his (Nozdormu's) death. I actually find this to be the most interesting possibility by far. If Nozdormu is responsible for the Infinite Dragonflight, he's playing pretty fast and loose with a number of important events in Azerothian history, somewhat akin to the fashion in which Malygos has gone nuts on the use of magic.

Nozdormu knows the time and place of his own death and may be using the Infinite Dragonflight to disrupt the events that lead to it. There are four events that players are currently able to affect in order to restore the timeways: Thrall's escape from Durnholde, the opening of the portal that first brought the orcs to Azeroth, the events of Mount Hyjal and the end of Archimonde, and now Arthas' descent into evil. I don't know whether there's a common thread linking all four events beyond the obvious need for the existence of the modern Horde, the existence of the modern Alliance, and some sort of vague note on Arthas' rise as the Lich King. Beware, Nozdormu; you too could become a raid boss.

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