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Draenei Abilities And Its Starting Area

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In the Burning Crusade, the Draenei are the new Alliance race. These noble beings are members of the Eredar, a noble race that flourished 25,000 years before the events of the World of Warcraft. Unfortunately, most of the race was corrupted and enslaved by Sargeras, a mighty, insane god that created the Burning Legion. However, some escaped enslavement and managed to flee their world. Led by Velen, these group of uncorrupted Eredar have renamed themselved the Draenei. Although the corrupted Eredar have chased them for millenia, the Draenei have managed to retain their society and evade destruction. The Legion struck a mighty blow against them, however, when it corrupted the Orcs of the planet Draenor and set them upon the Draenei, wiping out a large proportion of them.

Velen and the remaining Draenei hijacked a cosmic ship known as the Exodar and used it to shift through the dimensions around Draenor when they wanted to flee. They wound up above Azeroth and crash landed on a island in the northwestern corner of Kalimdor, where they've begun seeking diplomatic ties with the Alliance and to aid them in their fight against the Horde.

All Draenei characters have a built-in healing ability that acts as a somewhat weaker version of Renew. It heals the target for 50 health plus 15 health per character level over 15 seconds. There is a 1.5 second casting time, but that's short enough to allow Warriors and other melee characters to cast it on themselves in the middle of a one-on-one fight. This can shorten your downtime in PvE or allow you to get a second wind in a PvP fight, but there is a three minute cooldown, so it won't be useful to you in every fight.

At most cases, the Draenei start in Azuremyst Isle, in the extreme northwestern corner of Kalimdor, near the starting zone for Elves. The early quests revolve around attempting to reverse the damage caused by the numerous crystals which fractured off of the Exodar as it crashed; many of them have leaked energy into the environment, corrupting the surrounding flora and fauna. As you progress through to the second island of the Draenei, Bloodmyst Isle, you'll start dealing with Blood Elf spies who have infiltrated the island and whom are attempting to draw power from the crystals themselves.

The Exodar has all of the main features that a capital city would expect: a flightpath, trainers for most classes and professions, battlemasters, and so on. Unfortunately, like Darnassus, it is a bit remote from the other Alliance capitals of Ironforge and Stormwind, and thus will not likely be a prime destination for most players when they're strong enough to leave the islands.

On the hand, you must do most of the quests on both islands, cover the final quests involving the Vector Coil and the elite Blood Elves there, you should find yourself at or around level 18 or 19 and strong enough to travel south to Darkshore via the ship that docks south of the Exodar and do some of the quests there, if you like, or simply skip straight to Ashenvale and quest there.

On the other hand, you'll have to participate in the classic Wetlands run if you want to get right to the meat of the Alliance and head straight to the Deadmines. It's better for you to take the boat on the south side of the Auberdine docks in Darkshore to Menethil Harbor and run to the east, following the road to Loch Modan and from there through Dun Morogh and into Ironforge, where you'll be able to fly or take the tram to Stormwind.

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