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Druid Is A Hybrid Class

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 As we all know that Druid is a Blizzard hybrid class. At most cases, Druid can go Resto and Heal, they can go balance and Range DPS, they can go Feral and Tank or DPS in the same gear depending if they are bear or cat.
   But for what it's worth, we can see why Druids are pretty damned good. Lots of people play Druids, on both sides. We don't pretend to know the exact class breakdown, but just look at how many people in-guild have, at one time or another, considered their Druid to be their main. We can name at least 8 without really thinking too hard, and we can't as easily name any other class that's had that many people playing that class for a main.
So just from a number standpoint, that's a hell of a lot of people playing Druids. If 20% of your entire player base is playing Druids (not an unreasonable assumption, given only 9 classes), then those 20% of people are going to be wanting of buffs, and you're going to want to keep them playing, so you buff them. Even if Druids were originally intended to be great at soloing and not so great in raiding, things change. A lot of classes are significantly different than they were at launch, but that's what it takes to keep 10 million people playing the game.
First of all, let's address the Feral Druid issue ahead of time. Blizzard did realize that it was rather unfair that Feral Druid can tank and DPS with the same talent spec. We're not going to say same gears because of you really want to do feral DPS you wouldn't not be wearing tanking gears. Always he has really good tanking gears but if he try to do DPS in that gears while it will be more than Prot Warrior DPSing it won't be anywhere near actual DPS class. Feral tree are now very loaded with talents that force you to choose between cat or bear. As such the argument about feral Druid being able to do both melee DPS and tank well with one spec is not as valid anymore.
Now while we are going to talk about resto Druid out healing. If a hybrid does not perform a role on par or almost on par with other class then no one would ever want to take the hybrid anywhere. For example, if a resto shamman can't heal as well as a holy Priest then if you have to choose holy Priest would probably get picked, let's face it, no one want to take a gimped too to a demanding raid encounter if you can pick something better. Same argument goes with DPS role, if enchant Shaman can't DPS as well or almost as well as a Rogue or DPS Warrior no one would ever want to take them.
While we advocate for hybrid to be able to perform as well as "pure" class, we despise and totally disagree with hybrid class outperforming a "pure" class.
Ret pally should not be able to out DPS a Rogue. The more utility a class brings to the group the more the gap between DPS should be.
Once again, we have with resto Druid is due to their HoTs which make them a much better healer since it's more of a preemptive heal. For our viewpoint, it's totally unfair that Druid now has out of combat rez; they are getting nourish which is like flash heal but more, wild growth which is like Circle of heal but more. They have in combat rez which no one else has. They can get glyph make swift not consume the HoTs which is like getting another flash heal but instant cast. They have nature swiftness which neither Priest nor pally has. In term of healing arsenal Priest has a smaller arsenal than Druid.
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