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Druid Spec

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 In the World of Warcraft, Druid is a wonderful class that has so many functions to master. Druid can heal, DPS, tank, and shape shift into various animal forms. On the base of the World of Warcraft population of Druids, they are beloved. It can say that they are having so much fun messing around with all the functionality of the Druid class.
But Druids are restricted to wearing cloth and leather armor. They can shape shift to help them fill their various roles. They are able to shape-shift into bear form for tanking, cat form for DPSing or stealth, seal form to swim faster, travel form for running and flight form for flying and more.
In the World of Warcraft game, Druids were given a few key changes that are expected to make them much more effective with the launch of the 3.0.2 patch and the precursor to Wrath of the Lich King. Above all, they can use potions, health stones, weapon enchants and other items that could not previously be used or access while in Feral Form. This has allowed them to become much more viable in Feral Form, removing many of the restrictions that Shape-shifting put on the class.
For the first time, Druids can use Barkskin in all forms and can use their Entangling Roots ability indoors in the Balance Tree. And also they can use Hurricane without the cool-down and soothe animal has been changed to affect dragonkin with damage output increased for both Starfire and Wrath.
Additionally, the Control of Nature talent has been removed, while numerous other talents have been tweaked to cause additional damage, or to reduce affects to match the new stat modifiers. Moon-glow has also been moved from Tier 5 to Tier 2, making it available much earlier in the game.
Moonkin form won't restore mana with melee attacks anymore either, but will offer a chance to restore 2% of your total mana when you critical with a spell and all auras affect the entire raid within the radius another major change is that Nature's Grasp is a 100% proc for Entangling Roots on anyone that hits the caster instead of the previous 35% making it incredibly valuable for PvP.
There have a number of changes to basic abilities in the Feral Tree. To start with, Bash now has a 3 second interrupt on all spell-casting. Dire Bear Form has been reduced to 370% armor from 400% and Frenzied Regeneration has been changed to one rank with 0.3% health restored per rage (up to 30%). Maul deals an additional 40% damage now and adds extra threat. Ferocious Bite will now do more damage at every rank as well. The range for Growl has been increased to 20 yards and Maim also interrupts spells for 3 seconds. Other changes include damage increases and cool-down reductions across the board.
In the Restoration Tree, Abolish Poison has been extended to 8 seconds and Gift of the Wild now affects the entire raid with a single cast. Healing Touch has been speed up and mana cost has been reduced. Life-bloom has been altered so that it now costs 14% of base mana and the overall HoT effect has been cut back.


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