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Druid changes in Patch 3.0.3

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    Druid profession? Yes. You can have a quick look at the Druid changes in Patch 3.0.3.  As the latest patch 3.0.3 draws near, there are great changes in each profession in World of Warcraft, the Druid is\ not an expection. Are you interest in The following information is to talk about the Druid changes in detail, it is better for you to pau close attention to these changes.
     Earth and Moon is now 3 ranks for 4/9/13% increased spell damage taken, and increases your spell damage by 1/2/3% (old: 5 ranks for 3/5/8/10/13% increased damage taken from Arcane, Fire, Frost, Nature and Shadow, and increases your spell damage by 1/2/3/4/5%)
Moonfury is now 3 ranks for 3/6/10% benefit (was 5 ranks for 2/4/6/8/10%)
Hard to make a change like that without refunding talent points. Further Balance changes:
Eclipse's buff duration was raised to 15 seconds and its bonuses doubled, but the cooldown raised from 30 to 40 seconds. Overall a buff to what I still think is an inspired talent. (Although some of this seems to have already been live in 3.0.2? Boomkin, help me out.)
Apparently Moonkin were getting way too much mana back from Hurricane, so Moonkin form now only gives mana back from single-target spells.
And for the ferals, we have a few bear-form buffs, and a small cat nerf:
Bash will now interrupt spells even on stun-immune targets. Excellent.
Berserk clears the cooldown on Mangle (Bear); there was a problem where using it while Mangle was on cooldown (i.e. most of the time) would not give its Mangle-cooldown-reducing benefit.
Survival Instincts is now off the GCD, like its inspiration, Last Stand. Say what you will about homogenization, but I'm glad to have this tool.
Growl's cooldown reduced to 8 seconds, again like the warrior version.
Tiger's Fury ranks 5 and 6 (level 71 and 79) have had their bonus damage decreased. I've never really played with these ranks, so I have no idea whether this was necessary or not. Beta players?
Not much of a change for Resto, but for the sake of completeness:
Nature's Swiftness and the Honorless Target buff gained when entering the world will no longer be able to trigger Omen of Clarity.
Swiftmend will now properly benefit from Genesis.
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