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Feral mitigation and scaling

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We haven't found Feral mitigation to be lacking, and my point is that even if we do, we can fix that by tweaking the numbers. Regardless of the outcome, it doesn't prove that the class needs more defensive stats on which to scale. If the bear mulitiplier is 700% (and there is no armor cap), then I promise you will scale very well with every piece of armor you pick up even if you have no other stats. You will be far and away the best tank and the easiest one to gear as well.
There are advantages and disadvantages to having a lot or a few stats to focus on. One of the disadvantages of fewer stats is diminishing returns on avoidance, but bears don't diminish on Dodge as fast as warriors in order to compensate for this. Part of the implementation of diminishing returns was to discourage warriors from stacking one stat, but that isn't an issue for druids.
We were prompted to take a look at this by all of the discussions (and not just on this forum) about how few neck and trinket choices bears really had in all of WoW. By which I mean they helped us to understand the issue. We knew the situation felt a little off, but it was more off than we imagined, and we took steps to fix it.

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