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Four years of World of Warcraft

Author: by Mike Schramm Source:

I remember every ding to 60 on every character. I don't remember my 70s as well (and doubt I'll remember my 80s.) But back in our day, kids, we levelled up-hill both ways and we liked it. My very first ding to 60 was on my warlock, tromping along in Felwood. I remember thinking "Omigod, I'm free!" Then, when my Hunter hit 60, I though it again. And again when my Paladin hit. And so on. 60 was a magical level.

Jennie Lees: I'm mostly trying to block out the memories of old-school PvP grinding, but the awesome people in the WSG premades we used to run -- and the one time we beat our counterpart Horde team! -- stay with me. So do all the people I got to know, starting back when a random dwarf invited me to a guild while levelling, which turned out to be a friendly and welcoming home from home. Moving on, I've made valuable friends in real life thanks to the closeness we experienced in WoW. I can't overlook the drama and the headaches, though, and the part-sorrow part-relief I felt when finally moving server (all for a shinier guild tag), but I owe a lot to that dwarf.

Scott Andrews: Don't ask me why, but my guild hates Jaina Proudmoore. On our first anniversary we went after her in Theramore, but we didn't have the coordination or the numbers to take her down after the Alliance started showing up. On our second anniversary, we killed her three times despite heavy Alliance resistance, rode the boat to Menethil Harbor, fought our way through the level 65 guards (while we were all still 60) to put the town to the sword, rode the boat back to Theramore to mop up the Alliance there, then took the fight to Darnassus where we met overwhelming numbers and died valiantly. My guild is definitely PvE-focused so PvP isn't always easy for us. But that second anniversary showed me that we had come such a long way as a team and really understood how to work together to overcome obstacles. It was all great fun and an incredible bonding experience. At the end of the day, you don't need loot or achievements to make the game fun. Warcraft is all about taking on a challenge with your friends at your side.

Lisa Poisso: As former big-guild EQ players, my guild never intended to raid in WoW. We did UBRS with 11 (when it was still considered hardcore with 15) and figured we'd call it a day ... But then Dire Maul came along, and then Zul'Gurub. We recruited enough to give ZG a whirl and trounced it before any of its many nerfs, finishing among the top guilds on our server and proudly wielding our DM blues among their months' worth of 40-man purples. What a high! We added another handful of players and slipped into MC itself, taking out Ragnaros with our usual group of 32. After that peak, guild numbers dwindled, and we rotated through several other MMOs in a smaller, more intimate group. Today, we're leveling slowly in Northrend, trying to draw out the pleasure -- and hoping that the new 10-man raiding option doesn't prove to be too "lite" for a group whose fondest memories of WoW are of short-manning content that was designed to be gear-farmed for months. Can we recapture that feeling?


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