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Ghostcrawler's Healing in Arenas

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Recently Ghostcrawler made a comment on the forums that really set a lot of people off about healing in arenas. This is a fairly important clarification, so I think it deserves its own spot rather than in the middle of a bunch of blue posts.

Ghostcrawler's Healing in Arenas:
I made an unclear post that ended up setting a lot of people off. I did not mean dps classes should be able to faceroll healers. I did not mean that one dps should be a match for one healer. I did not mean that CC should have no role in Arenas. I did not mean that healing should have no role in Arenas. I did not mean that we think healers are finally getting their just deserts in season 5.

The best way I can think to say it is: Burst damage should not dominate Arenas. Crowd control should not dominate Arenas. Healing should not dominate Arenas.

I don't think this is really news to people who have been doing Arenas very long.

Haste on Items
1) If your gear didn't have haste, it would probably have armor pen instead. If you are imagining your gear having Str or Stam instead of the haste, you are probably picturing Ulduar or season 6 gear.
2) We aren't offering the best itemized gear now because we want to have something left for you to work up to. We don't want the next tier of gear to look exactly like this one, but with +2 more of each stat.
3) We do think haste and armor pen might be a little low in what you get per rating point (at least for melee). That is something we're looking at.

Explosive Shot
I agree it should make up its mind whether it is a physical or magical effect. We'll look into it.

We did consider it, and thought it was an interesting talent build choice, but it ended up dominating. We made some changes pretty late in the cycle that ended up inflating hunter damage, especially the chunk coming from pets. We also went back and forth a little on which raid-wide buffs would affect ranged attacks. Hunter dps just ended up being higher than we thought.

More on Readiness
It affects all 3 specs, but we changed Arcane and Explosive to offset that some, as well as fixing a glyph that was hurting Marks. Steady was just a huge portion of hunter damage, and not a particularly interesting ability (in that you can just sit there and mash the button without worrying about timing other abilities around it), so when we wanted to bring hunter dps down, it was an attractive target. FWIW, ammo was another one. We considered nerfing how much damage all ammo in the game contributed, but went with the SS change for the reason I stated.

I agree with the first part, which is why we buffed Volley quite a bit. But in retrospect, we buffed it too much. We didn't want hunters to have the highest single-target damage and highest AE damage, as well as bringing great buffs and CC to the group. With the new Volley, I expect every PvE hunter will still be using that button on large groups, but going back to Multi on smaller ones.

I disagree with the "trash meter" comment. For one, players do care about trash. Elemental shamans and rogues for example felt like there was so much AE'ing going on that they were not attractive specs for raids. Players can say "nobody cares about trash," but we don't buy it. Raids wipe on trash. Raids are called when trash respawns. For speed clears, to satisfy a hard mode achievement or bear-mount style challenge, the rate at which you can clear trash very much matters. If it didn't I'm not sure you'd mind a Volley nerf at all.

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