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Glyph Changes in Build 9014

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Glyph Changes
Death Knight
Glyph of Rune Strike: Increases the critical strike chance of your Rune Strike by 10% but increases cost by 5 runic power (Previously 50 runic power).
Glyph of Regrowth: Increases the healing of your Regrowth spell by 20% (Previously 50%) if your Regrowth effect is still active on the target.
Glyph of Aquatic Form: Increases your swim speed by 50% (Previously 20%) while in Aquatic Form.
Glyph of Aimed Shot: Reduces the mana cost of your Aimed Shot ability by 20%. (Previously decreases the cast time of Aimed Shot by 0.5 seconds.)
Glyph of Exorcism: Your Exorcism also interrupts spellcasting for 2 seconds.
Glyph of Flash of Light: Your Flash of Light heals for 50% less initially, but also heals for 140.0% of its inital effect over 15 seconds.
Glyph of the Warhorse: Removed
Glyph of the Wise: Reduces the mana cost of your Seal of Wisdom spell by 50%.
Glyph of Fading: Reduces the mana cost of your Fade spell by 30%. (Previously 50%)
Glyph of Spirit of Redemption: All heals cast while Spirit of Redemption is active have a 20% chance to increase the remaining duration of Spirit of Redemption by 5 seconds (Previously by 20 seconds).
Glyph of Garrote: Reduces the duration of your Garrote ability by 3 seconds and increases the total damage it deals by 20%. (Previously increases periodic damage dealt by Garrote by 45%, but decreases the duration by 3 seconds.)
Glyph of Preparation: Your Preparation ability also instantly resets the cooldown of Blade Flurry, Dismantle, and Kick. (Previously decreases the cooldown of Preparation by 2 min)
Glyph of Resonating Power: Reduces the rage cost of your Thunder Clap ability by 5. (Previously increases the maximum targets affected by your Thunder Clap ability by 4.)
Some words about the Honor in the new patch
Honor will not be reseted at the release of Wrath of the Lich King
We had hoped that the introduction of some new Honor rewards in the upcoming patch would give players a great opportunity to spend any of their remaining Honor. However, many players would still be surprised by an Honor and token reset as it isn't something we've done in the past. As such, we've decided to not reset Honor or tokens upon the release of Wrath of the Lich King. Players who save their Honor will be able to spend it on level 80 rewards, although those rewards will be significantly more expensive than their level 70 counterparts.

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