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Hadow Healer

Author: incgamers Source: incgamers

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This build is recommended for versatile priests, occupying good holes ingroup (as a DPS healer, or as support healer, or as main healer, if none represent this is a decent healer spec), and giving survival to priest in soloing.

Resilient Shadow Healer (Rit/As)

Restoration: 16
Shadow Arts: 12

Resilient Weapon: Ally gets 21s of +6 regen and +24AL if suffering from Hex/Condition
Wielder's Boon: Ally gets +63HP, receives an additional +42HP (+105 HP) if under a Weapon spell
Soothing Memories: Ally gets +106HP, +3E returned to you if holding ashes

Shadow Form: Almost 20s of protection from spells and physical attacks, drop to 41 HP when it ends.
Generous was Tsungrai: Hold ashes for 63s of +146 max HP, receive +292 when ashes drop (10% sac)
Resilient was Xiko: Hold ashes for 21s of +2HP regen for each Hex/Condition. Lose 4 of them when ashes drop.

Dark Escape: Run +25% faster in this stance for 13s, take -50% damage from all sources
Flesh of my Flesh: Sacrifice 50% health and Rez teammate with your current HP and 21% energy

I wear the full Oracle armor for +10AL when holding an item. I have a Restoration staff (+5E) and a Channeling focus item (+12E/-1E pip) in one slot, and a Restoration staff with +5E and +20% enchant in a second slot.]

For this priest, it is well recommended to accumulate Spirit more thanIntellect, even if just to rise duff their mana regen from talents.

Depending on what you do when not raiding/grouping, you can always switchBlackout for Spirit Tap.

Strengths - The combination of damage output and good healing.
Weaknesses - Small mana pool
Please note that this spec would only be feasible for 5-man encounters. Do not attempt to use this spec in a 10 or 25 man raid encounter, as you are less useful than a Holy Priest or Shadow Priest.

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