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Hadow Healer

Author: incgamers Source: incgamers

The best time to use the rez is under SF, but don't forget to hold GwT ashes first. Yes you lose 50% HP with this rez, but under SF it doesn't matter since you end with 41 HP regardless. Heal your teammate with SoM after the rez.

This is a great amount of protection for you as you rez provided you have at least on Hex/Condition on you. Otherwise you are only protected by DE for -50% damage. You can choose to not have one or more of these protectors if you are not in danger so you can save energy.

Switching GwT for RwX allows you to have a guaranteed additional +146 HP available as you Rez besides the -50% damage you'll take while under +6 regen and +24 AL. This works out best if you have no Hex/Condition since the -50% damage and +146 HP will still kick in regardless.

The build can get pretty confusing, so go to Nameless Isle first just for a survival test and to practice managing energy. Shamed went with me there and saw how easy it held up vs. the Hex and Warrior masters as I let them pound on me until they got tired, lol. You shouldn't have to struggle if you are using it right; as always let me know if you have any questions or comments.

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