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How To Be A Better Fire Mage In WoW

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Remember that you have Frostnova, Cone of Cold, and Blastwave(if you take the talent) to root or slow your enemy. While they are not mana-efficient, a few Arcane Explosions can end a close battle. They are instant spells, so you can use them on the run and can be a good finishing blow if an opponent is almost dead.

The raiding Mage brings solid damage and utility to battle, but faces some unique challenges. And the biggest challenges you will face as a fire mage are fire immunity/resistance(in Molten Core) and the agro generated from spike damage.

Fire mages must be conscious of the agro they are generating in battle, as rolling ignites can cause very large damage output. Consider selecting burning soul to ameliorate some of this agro. Mana can be a concern in long battles. Fire mages tend to focus more on burst damage and less on mana efficiency. Consider using scorch, with talents, to build up a large damage bonus. Master of Elements provides a good mana bonus for every critical hit.

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