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Hunter Taming:Draenei Beasts

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Huntress Kella Nightbow will send you to find the following beasts:

Quest 2: Taming the Beast

1st beastie- Barbed Crawler - These big crabs are found along the western coast of the isle. Head south-west, into the water or to the Silvermist island to get these guys.

Quest 3: Taming the Beast

2nd beastie- Greater Timberstrider; northern reaches of Azuremyst Isle. Head up the road to the north of the city to find these big birds.

Quest 4: Taming the Beast

3d beastie- Nightstalker; Return to the same area where you found the greater timberstriders, up the road north, just past the city.

Quest 5: Speak to Ganaar, at the Trader's Tier, in the Exodar. He'll give you the rest of your skills and a nice crossbow.

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