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Hunter Taming:Dwarf Beasts

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Grif Wildheart will send you to find the following beasts:

Quest 2: Taming the Beast

1st beastie- Large Crag Boar in the valley to the south-east of Grif Wildheart; in the area of (47,56) to (49,54); also to the west.

Quest 3: Taming the Beast

2nd beastie- Snow Leopard in the valley to the south-east of Grif Wildheart; especially towards the southern end of the valley in the area of (48,58) to (49,54)

Quest 4: Taming the Beast

3d beastie- Ice Claw Bear; in the valley to the south-east of Grif Wildheart, especially in the north east of the valley; around (49,53)

Quest 5: Speak to Belia Thundergranite <Pet Trainer> in the Hall of Arms, Ironforge to complete this chain. You will find her standing next to a cannon in the Hall of Arms, which is in the southeast corner of Ironforge in the Military Ward. Hall of Arms (70,85) Ironforge. Also available here are Regnus Thundergranite or Olmin Burningbeard, hunter trainers, for the next time you need training in this area.

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