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Mage Glypg and Inscription

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    Although we're still in the early stages of learning about this new tradeskill, we're at a point now where we can start to weigh its costs and benefits. After the break, we'll evaluate Inscription as a profession for Mages, and go over the glyphs available to us both now and after November 13th.
As a Mage, it intrigues me more than most. Several of the glyphs for Mages are quite powerful, the Scribe-only shoulder enchants are pretty spectacular, and the off-hand weapons Scribes can create and equip seem like an attractive leveling option going into Wrath. What are the pros and cons of this new profession? Is it worth dropping old standards like Enchanting or Tailoring for? As a Mage, is Inscription worth learning.
In fact these don't take effect until after the expansion hits, but once power leveling Inscription to 400, a Scribe can enchant their own shoulders with some very powerful and unique enchants. For Mages, the choices would be between Master's Inscription of the Crag and of the Storm. These compare very favorably with the faction-specific shoulder enchants available in Wrath, and require no reputation grinding to obtain. 
If you shy away a staff and instead prefer to barbecue Murlocs while sporting a 1H-weapon and an off-hand frill, Inscription appears to be the profession for you. Here the leveling options created are prefect powerful, and require only a certain Inscription level to equip instead of a level requirement. Those who have leveled with a profession like Engineering can tell you how awesome being able to equip high-level gear at a low level can be. For example, your level ten Mage, if you power-level his Inscription, could equip the Tome of the Dawn. Another option at that level? Behold the mind-blowing splendor of the Journeyman's Stave. As early as level 35, you could be rocking a Stormbound Tome in your off-hand.
Regardless of whether the Mages have Inscription or not, they can benefit from these. our Mage can obtain his/her first glyphs at level 15. At level 70, you have room for three minor glyphs and two majors, and you should absolutely be trying to fill those slots as soon as possible. Here we mainly talk about the Glyph of Arcane Missiles and Glyph of Improved Scorch.
This is so bad for PvP Arcane Mages. Those extra five yards can be a life-saver in Arena, and in theory, being able to cast from farther would help even in PvE. The fatal flaw with this idea is that the other DPS spells you'll be casting as an Arcane Mage (Arcane Barrage, Arcane Blast) are still stuck at a shorter range, meaning this glyph isn't realistically going to allow you to stand any farther back that you would otherwise be able to.
Glyph of Improved Scorch isn't that impressive. Unless they went and changed it back, because now it doesn't add the vulnerability to fire just the increase of getting a critical strike. There're a few things this glyph has the potential to do for you. First, it'll save you time on every pull, allowing you to cast Scorch twice at the start of the fight to fully stack the debuff, instead of five times. Second, when and if the debuff happens to fall off your target, two casts of Scorch will fully re-stack it. Again, time will be saved, and DPS will be increased. A third and slightly more nebulous use for this glyph is that you may now consider not spending all three talent points on Improved Scorch.
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