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Mage Spell Hit Raiding

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With the release of the Wrath of the Lich King expansion, it has been a few changes in the combat ratings due to the new level cap, so most of the players are now able to reach.
Spell Hit Rating is one of them, which is now just called Hit Rating. Here is an update on Spell Hit, now it revised for the new level cap of 80.
First and foremost, spell hit is a combat attribute that increases a caster's chance to hit with spells. Mainly it is obtained from talents or gear that has hit rating. The more a caster gear with hit rating, the lower the caster's spells will miss the chance (i.e. an enemy resist the spells). With patch 3.0.2, spell hit is capped at 100%; with enough spell hit, it is possible to reach a state where it is impossible for your spells to miss. A spell that fails to hit is shown as a miss, while misses caused by a target's resistance is shows as a resist. Spell hit has no effect on healing spells, as they will always hit.
All Raid Bosses noted with a Skull as their level will act as though as they are 3 levels above you, meaning they will have a 17% chance to resist your spells. Don't worry though, there are many ways for you to increase the chances of having your spells hit your target
It's the first and easiest way to increase your Hit Rating. Depending on what spec your Mage is, you will grab one of the two talents or both to help the chances of your spells to hit.
In the Arcane Tree, you have Arcane Focus which increases the chances of your Arcane spells to hit by 1/2/3%. In the Frost Tree, you have Elemental Precision which increases the chances of your Frost and Fire spells to hit by 1/2/3%.
You will see various stats such as Spell Power, Critical Strike Rating, and Haste Rating on many Caster DPS gear. The other stat you will see is Hit Rating. At level 80, every 26.23 Hit Rating is equal to 1% Spell Hit. Grabbing gear with Hit Rating is essential to any raiding Mage.
Krizzlybear of Frost is the New Black has a great post about Spell Hit Gear you can acquire before your first raid.
Another way to increase your Hit Rating is with Hit Rating Gems if there're Gem Sockets in your gear. Here are a couple of Hit Rating Gems you may use depending on your own Spec, stats, and socket colors.
That is all that you can do with what you have to work with at the moment. Now that you are ready to start running some instances, you need to know what other Classes have to offer which may also help increase your Spell Hit. There have been some changes with the way raid buffs stack now, and many Class buffs have been changed.
The only buff that you can receive that will increase your Hit Rating is from having a Draenei in your group. Having a Draenei in your group provides you with Heroic Presence which will increase your Hit Rating by 1%.
There are two debuffs which may be applied on a target which will also increase your Hit Rating. A Shadow Priest will provide the raid with the Misery debuff. A Balance Druid will provide the raid with the Improved Faerie Fire debuff. Both debuffs will give you a +3% Spell Hit on the target. These two debuffs will not stack.
Considering three levels above you, and bosses with a skull as their level, you will need 17% Spell Hit to become Hit Capped. At Hit Cap, your spells will have a 100% chance to hit your target, and is the number you would like to aim for. So to large scale, how much Hit Rating you need from gear depends on your spec and raid members you have them at hand.

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