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Mining:a great skill for any class

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Either for making new things with tough metals or just for profit, mining is a great skill for any class! It goes great with several other professions as well!
Mining is a gathering skill that allows you to take a mining pick to various veins that litter the landscape and attempt to get raw metals and gems for crafting armor, weapons, potions, jewels, and many other items. Some of the materials can even be used in quests!
Getting Started 
To begin you must seek a <Mining Trainer> out in order to pick up the mining profession. From there, simply interact with the trainer who will teach you the rough and gritty art of mining! When you begin you will be an Apprentice Miner and have to pay only a few copper to pick up the profession.
There are several ranks to mining and as your skill progress you’ll find yourself at a point where you can't continue without further training. At this point return to any mining trainer and pay to increase your rank in mining, except for the Master level. You must seek out a Master trainer in Outland to obtain that rank.
Apprentice 1-75
Smelt Copper (1)
Smelt Elementium (1) *
Smelt Tin (50)
Smelt Bronze (65)
Smelt Silver (75)
Journeyman 76-150
Smelt Iron (125)
Expert 151-225
Smelt Gold (155)
Smelt Steel (165)
Smelt Mithril (175)
Artisan 226-300
Smelt Truesilver (230)
Smelt Thorium (250)
Smelt Dark Iron (230)
Master (Burning Crusade) 300-375
Master skill is learned in Outland, making it a requirement of having the expansion in order to train.
Smelt Fel Iron (300)
Smelt Felsteel (300)
Smelt Adamantite (325)
Smelt Etenium (350)
Smelt Khorium (365)
Any character of any level can pickup mining and train it to any level (although Master trainers are only located in Outland, requiring the expansion). This means you can have a level twenty character with 300 in mining, although it would be difficult to mine things requiring 300 skill at level twenty!
A list of where Mining Trainers are located is right here.
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