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Mining:a great skill for any class

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Mining Minerals 
Mining is a rather simple process. First you need a mining pick which is available at many general stores and all mining suppliers. With the pick in hand it's time to mine!
You need to first find a mineral vein. They are on hills, rocky surfaces, cliffs, and in caves. You can use the skill "Find Minerals" which will show any nearby mineral veins on your mini-map. They will be small yellow dots and if you hover your mouse over them you will see what kind of mine they are.
As a small note, tracking abilities such as Find Herbs, Track Humans, and Sense Undead will be overridden when you use Find Minerals. You can only have one type of tracking/finding ability going at once.
From there you just need to adventure until you come across a mineral vein. When you spot one you would like to mine, simply walk over to it and defeat any enemies in your way. If there is an enemy attacking you while you try to mine, the mining will fail.
Smelting is taking the raw materials (ore) and turning into refined materials (bars). All of the non-rare metals simply require one ore to smelt it into a bar. Rare materials, such as Dark Iron require multiple ores and some even require other materials!
To smelt something you first require a forge, which can be found at multiple locations (mostly in major cities). From there you can open your mining skill from your skillbook and begin smelting! It should be noted some metal, such as Dark Iron, require special forges that are not always easily accessible!
If you are looking to smelt Thorium into Arcanite then you will need to seek out an Alchemist. Alchemist can transmute one Thorium bar and one Arcane Crystal into Arcanite once a day.
Mining is a primary skill, meaning that it counts towards the two profession limit. Keep this in mind when you learn Mining, as unlearning it to learn a new profession will reset your knowledge of mining to zero if you ever pick it back up.

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