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Explosive and Aimed Shot
We probably are going to let Barrage affect Aimed Shot.
We looked at Explosive Shot again and its damage seemed like a significant increase over Arcane Shot, but if Survival ends up low, then Explosive is probably where we'll try to make up the difference.
Ferocious Inspiration - Raidwide buff
I suspect it is supposed to be raid-wide.
Master's Call
We're working on it. It's hard to tell sometimes with abilities that involve pet movement if the data are set up correctly and there's just a code bug somewhere (that may happen infrequently) or if the spell itself is just borked.
Bug - Pet Skills Still Turning Themselves
Players keep reporting it, but we can't get a good repro case where it happens consistently. I know that if the pet leaves you, that the autocast may change state. That's annyoing but at least a known issue. But the problem where you turn autocast off and then it gets turned on again seems somewhat unpredictable.
Death Knight
Unholy tree dps being tuned down
Gargoyle does do nice burst damage, but that's at the expense of Unholy Blight usually, which in turn hurts your Scourge Strikes. But we are messing with Unholy now to deflate its damage a little.
Frigid Dreadplate
We rewrote the spell and the tooltip to be simpler and less confusing. It's now just 1/2/3% less chance to be melee hit.
Blood-Caked Blade has a 10 second internal cooldown
Yeah, I think it's a bug. We can't think of a good reason why it needs a cooldown at all.
Developer Q/A
Much of the gear that's being dangled in front of us has a hefty supply of haste just loaded all over it. And those number crunching members of the Mail wearing community are a bit concerned. Notice that I suggest its the Mail wearing community, because Enhancement Shaman seem to share our confusion about all this haste.

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