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Overview Crafting Profession

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   It is impossible to craft and sell gear for huge profits for that gear with the new sets of skill set in the new cap, in particular, when the players are still leveling and are willing to give away their world of warcraft gold profits for that gear. The highest demand items are going to be consumables, bags, and crafted gear early on or later, after a couple of months, this will disappear as raid runs start up.
   Alchemists can craft anything in the form of potions, elixirs and flasks but since you can only cast one of these things per fight now and nothing major has been added in the form of new content here, you are going to be hard-pressed to increase your profits by much though they will no doubt stay the same.
Right away, if you can get your Blacksmithing skills up to 425 and the new cap, you are going to be able to make a ton of gold providing crafted gear while people are leveling, especially with more people playing with need for plate armor now (thank you death knights).
For the first time, Enchantments are saleable on the auction house since 3.0.2 and that means they are worth more than ever. Finally, enchanters are less of a service profession since you have to finish crafting these now before they can be sold – look for a few new good ways to make money here.
Engineering never has been and probably never will be all that valuable of a profession. But, look for new guns and scopes and possibly the long rumored addition of crafting additions to things like siege vehicles.
Right now, Inscription is the most valuable and profitable profession, but with herb prices spiked out it's also pretty expensive and because glyph spots are limited per character it will probably peter out with time.
Leatherworking profession will be offering new armor, kits and bags and that always means more wow gold. Nothing major new here to boost the gold potential though–just new leather.
With 32 slot dedicated bags, 22 slot regular bags, and the addition of crafted flying carpets, Tailors will be raking in all sorts of new dough for a while to come.
By far, Herbalism profession gains the most from the additions made in Wrath of the Lich King due to the boost in need for herbs for inscription. Expect a huge spike in value for these items with a long term high maintained after the game's economy settles down a bit.
As a matter of fact, Mining profession will not change much in terms of gold making potential but with the launch of any new expansion, the value of any gathered materials go up. Expect new ore to spike as professions level up to 450 and expect a good 2-3 month time period before they settle down.
It draws a conclusion that Skinning is the lowest of the three gathering professions and will not change any time soon. Since the only people using Borean Leather are leatherworkers and with another new class diluting demand don't expect much to happen here.
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