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PVP Daily Quests

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   If you want to earn honor and easy wow gold in World of Warcraft, the daily PVP quest is a great place to start. After all, you're going to be doing the battlegrounds at will. You might as well be picking up some bonus honor while you're at it.
To some extent, the daily PVP quest is a little bit different than the rest of the dailies. For a normal daily, you just go to the quest giver, grab the quest, finish it up, and then turn it in. Once the daily timer has reset you rinse and repeat. With the PVP quests though, there are three PVP daily quests for you such as Battlegrounds, World PVP and Terokker Forest quests.
   For these battleground quests, all you need to do is go into the battleground and earn a victory from it. It sounds pretty easy. For some time your faction has been experiencing losing streaks on that particular battleground. This daily quest is pretty much an easy way to gain some 'free' honor and some cash. If you get the chance to enter the battleground and ended up in one with a good team, this is definitely a great way to gain easy 419 honors with some cash. Otherwise, if the battleground seems to be losing, this quest may just be an incentive for doing some battleground PVP.
From experience, Arathi Basin and Eye of the Storms tend to have the fastest games, and are the best battlegrounds to be chosen for easy rewards from the daily PVP quest. Warsong Gulch and Alterac Valley would be just as good as the other two but sometimes these battlegrounds tend to drag on longer, and maybe even lose sometimes, so it's not really efficient to do the daily PvP for these battlegrounds if you only want easy and fast rewards, unless they are on its weekend.
   World daily PVP quest needs you to capture three PVP points of interest in Hellfire Peninsula. Those points are the Overlook, the Broken Hill and the Stadium. They are pretty much located at the west of Hellfire Citadel. To capture these forts, you will need to go the fort you want to capture and stay within it until the PVP capture slider moves all the way to your faction's color. It takes quite a while before you can bring the slider to your side, and if there are more people of the opposite faction staying within that fort than your own faction's, they will be the one dragging the slider.
Even though you are within the vicinity, they won't contribute for the slider. Basically this prevents stealth to easily capture PVP objectives without being seen by anyone. At least, these forts need to be controlled by the opposite faction or neutral for you to get credit for the capture. If the fort is already controlled by your faction, then you will need to wait until someone from the opposite faction decides to capture the fort. If there are not much PVP happenings in the zone, doing this quest will be a waste of time.
Terokkar Forest daily PVP quest is similar to the Hellfire Peninsula. The only difference is that you only need to capture one of the five possible Spirit Towers in the Bone Wastes. Only can this quest be done every 6 hours, because those are the only times when the Spirit Towers are up for capturing. Capturing a tower is alike to how you capture a fort in Hellfire Peninsula, through a slider. Here the difference is that the faction regions are smaller, probably about 10% of the bar on each side, and the neutral zone is larger.
When the Spirit Towers come available for capturing, there will be five neutral towers all around the Bone Wastes. You can choose a tower, and capture it. You only need one tower captured to complete the daily quest. The capture phase of the towers will last until one faction captures all of the towers for themselves. Once they are all captured, a Blessing of Auchindoun zone-wide buff will appear for the winning faction, and a 6-hour timer will start. Until the timer expires, you can't capture a spirit tower, so probably you will have to wait until the timer runs out and the Spirit Towers appear to be available for capturing again. This daily quest can be a fast source of honor while the Spirit Towers are up, so do this quest when you happen to come around the area when they are up!

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