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Paladin Changes In Patch 3.0.3

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The latest patch 3.0.3 brings about some pretty interesting changes to the class. Compared to other class, we got a lot more changes for Paladin.
First of all, we knew, most of the nerfs, which made it live to patch 3.0.3, is the bad new. Actually in this latest patch, there is a good news for Paladin. Seals all get nerfed to varying degrees, the general idea being that they no longer deal as much damage either as a Seal or as a Judgement.
Now Judgement of Wisdom, which is one of the new Judgement spells, the old Judgement spell has been removed. The new Judgements no longer judge the seal you have currently active, but instead the ones they are named after. Your active seal will not be removed. All Judgements deal holy damage similar to Judgement of Righteousness. This means no more recasting after judgements, only grand of maximum mana and proc frequency has been cut by 50%. This is probably the most hurtful change to the class across the board as it also affects our raid utility. I don't know whether it was overpowered in its old form or not, but certainly it kept our raid mana afloat although Blizzard's numbers indicate that it keeps mana afloat a little too much. Paladins not only cried at this change.
At the same time Blessing of Sanctuary and Blessing of Sanctuary are no longer being able to be on the same target. Crusade doesn't apply its damage bonus twice to critical strikes ant longer-- hopefully that change goes some way towards reducing Retribution's crazy burst. Rank 1 of Divine Purpose will now correctly determine its chance of removing stuns. Since I have 2/2 Divine Purpose -- and likely every self-respecting PvP Retadin, as well -- we probably never noticed there was a problem with this.
Hammer of Wrath is back to being castable only against targets at 20% health or below. On an important note, Echoes of Doom made it instant-cast and independent of our swing timers, making it extremely useful for both PvE and PvP. It was a tad too strong being usable at 35%, but I can't deny that it was fun while it lasted.
In PvP, we know Repentance was hotfixed, which is a pretty ridiculous change to be honest. Considering Repentance is not a spammable ability, it breaks on damage. Now, the nerf to Judgement of the Wise is also on the Patch notes, which reflect properly in the tooltips. It draws conclusion that at some point Retribution Paladin will use up all mana. In particular, Divine Plea becomes available at level 71. This isn't such a painful change in PvE as some players make it out to be, but it will be quite glaring in PvP.
The Art of War was not rebalanced to increase critical strike damage by up to 20% any more. Instead, it increases all damage done by Judgements, Crusader Strike, and Divine Storm by up to 10%. To some extent this's an excellent change because it scales better for all Retadins regardless of gear and provides better DPS throughput and less burst. To further reduce burst, Righteous Vengeance was reworked to apply a crowd control-friendly DoT instead of dealing more critical strike damage.
The rest of Paladin changes in patch 3.0.3, we can not make mention of them one by one. We are sorry that at this point we can not meet your requirements at ahat moment. In order to get familiar with those changes, you can take more notice our world of warcraft gold site [] to gain.


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