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Paladin Talent builds

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The build to use to do all of these this is found here: Paladin DPS Build.
PvP build: This build is for players who are looking to get that extra little bit of survivability and burst damage in PvP. Key abilities in this build include the standard damage boosting abilities but also Eye for an Eye so that you reflect some damage back at the attacker, Pursuit of Justice so that you can chase players down, while skipping the normal improved Blessing of Might since you will be having Kings up for survivability. Which brings us to the fact that in this build you also put extra points into the Protection tree to get Blessing of Kings for survivability and Stoicism for the reduced stun time.
Holy Builds
Healing Build: This is a pretty standard healing build with some points put into Protection to add some survivability. In the Holy tree you work your way all the way to the end of the talent tree to get Beacon of Light which adds a great AoE type heal, allowing you to heal other targets in a group while still healing the Tank. It also grabs all the bonus healing, bonus critical, and reduced time abilities. All of these form a great core of healing ability.
The build then moves over to the Protection Tree to grab Blessing of Kings and then move down to Improved Devotion Aura to provide extra healing and armour on all targets.
Judgement of the Wise Build: This is an interesting build that goes deep into Retribution to gain the Judgement of the Wise ability. This ability grants 15% of your mana back plus mana regen to party or raid members when you judge your seals. This means that if you move in close to the fight and judge seals as well as heal you can have huge mana regeneration. While you will not have as big of heals as a normal holy build, some players looking for something different are having good results with it.

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