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Patch 3.0.3 Notes

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Removed "A Mask for All Occasions" as criteria for the "Hallowed Be thy Name" meta achievement.
Replenishment: Players below level 50 can now benefit from this effect.
Resilience: The damage reduction component of resilience has been increased from 2 times the critical strike chance reduction to 2.2 times the critical strike chance reduction. In addition, the maximum damage reduction to a critical strike from resilience has been increased from 30% to 33%.

Blood Fury: No longer triggers global cooldown.
Shadowmeld: The cooldown will now start on use instead of on break.
Druid talents points have been refunded. Players will need to visit a class trainer to relearn spells and abilities.
The Swift Flight Form is now available on the trainer at level 71, requiring 300 riding skill, and Flight Form learned.
Bash: The interrupt from this ability will now work on targets that are immune to the stun.
Berserk: Now clears the cooldown on Mangle Bear.
Earth and Moon and Moonfury (Balance) reduced from 5 ranks each to 3 ranks each.
Eclipse: Buff duration extended to 15 sec and bonuses doubled. The cooldown has been increased to 40 seconds.
Growl: Cooldown changed to 8 sec.
Insect Swarm: Tooltip corrected to indicate it does not affect hit chance with spells.
Moonkin: Only single target spell critical strikes can trigger the mana gain from this talent.
Nature's Swiftness: This ability will no longer give chances to trigger Omen of Clarity.
Omen of Clarity: Will no longer be triggered by the Honorless Target buff gained when entering the world.
Survival Instincts will no longer be on the Global Cooldown.
Swiftmend: now benefits correctly from Genesis talent.
Tiger's Fury: Ranks 5 and 6 have had their damage bonus decreased.
Aimed Shot: Added to Barrage and Improved Barrage talent.
Animal Handler: Now increases your pet's expertise by 5/10. (No longer increases the pet's chance to hit.)
Aspects now have a shared cooldown category of 1 sec and no longer have a start cooldown.
Aspect of the Dragonhawk: New aspect added that combines the benefit of Aspect of the Monkey and Aspect of the Hawk, available at level 75 and 80.
Aspect of the Monkey: The Dodge chance has been increased from 8% to 18%.
Aspect of the Viper: The per attack mana regeneration has been reduced by 50% but this ability now generates 4% of maximum mana every 3 sec. In addition, the per attack regeneration now also works on melee attacks.
Disengage now fails if you're rooted and is no longer on the global cooldown.Cooldown reduced to 25 seconds and no longer requires a target, though the hunter has to be in combat.
Hunter vs. Wild: The attack power bonus from this talent now applies properly to Hunter pets. In addition, the bonus attack power will now be recalculated properly from equipping items.
Improved Aspect of the Hawk: This talent no longer causes incorrect mana costs when interacting with the Rapid Recuperation and Improved Steady Shot talents.
Mana cost of Disengage has been lowered to 5% of base mana, down from 14%.
Rake (Cat), Scorpid Poison (Scorpid): Lowered damage of all ranks.
Stampede (Rhino): Lowered the knockback to 10 yards.
Raised the damage of exotic attacks: Spirit Strike, Lava Breath, Froststorm Breath, Acid Spit, and Stampede.
Lowered the cost of pet specials from 25 to 20.
Thrill of the Hunt: The mana gained from using this talent with Explosive Shot is now 1/3 of the normal amount per critical strike (but gets 3 opportunities per cast.)
T.N.T.: Explosive Shot can now only trigger this talent when it is initially fired.
Windfury Totem and Improved Icy Talons no longer affect ranged haste.


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