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Patch 3.0.8 PTR Changes Notes: Druid

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Growl range has been increased from 20 to 30 yards.
Maim duration has been increased by 1 second. (3/4/5/6/7 seconds)
Survival Instincts now temporarily grants you 30% of your current maximum health for 20 sec. (Old - 30% of your maximum health)


Feral Instinct now affects all versions of Swipe. (Old - Swipe (Bear) only)
Thick Hide now Increases your Armor contribution from cloth and leather items by 4/7/10%. (Old - All items)
Survival of the Fittest now also increases your armor contribution from cloth and leather items in Bear Form and Dire Bear Form by 22/44/66%.
Primal Tenacity now also reduces the mana cost of Bear Form, Cat Form, and Dire Bear Form by 17/33/50%.
Protector of the Pack now Increases your attack power by 6% and reduces the damage you take by 12% while in Bear or Dire Bear Form. (Old - Only worked with Bear/Dire Bear Form, damage reduction was dependant of the amount of players in the group)
Berserk now hit up to 1 target instead of 3. (Error ?)


Wild Growth now has a 6 seconds cooldown.


Genesis now works with Tranquility and Hurricane.
Starfall has been slightly changed. Shapeshifting or mounting cancels the effect. Any effect which causes you to lose control of your character will supress the starfall effect.

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