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Patch Notes in Quantum Rise

Author: inwowgold Source:

Polycarbon Engine Housing I and II no longer give a mass reduction and will instead have a velocity modifier and inertia multiplier.
Locus Coordinator rigs are now subject to stacking penalties.
Weapons & Ammunition
All missile types have been balanced to ensure that oversized missiles do not have too much of an effect on smaller ships. As before, ships are still protected from larger missiles by their signature radius. When going sufficiently fast, the damage taken from missiles is reduced by the signature radius to speed ratio, rather than just speed. Going faster or reducing the signature radius will reduce missile damage further. For a ship with the same signature radius as the missile's explosion radius, the missile's explosion velocity indicates the speed at which the missile damage starts to get reduced. The new formula allows for speed tanking using afterburners. In fact, afterburners will in general be more effective than micro warp drive for speed tanking missiles.
Light, heavy and cruise precision missiles will now do more damage to smaller targets and will have a penalty of -50% range.
Rocket, assault missile and torpedo javelin missiles will now do -10% less damage but range has been increased by 50%.
Rage rocket, assault missiles and torpedoes and Fury light, heavy and cruise missiles will do less damage to their own ship class but will do more damage to a larger ship class. They will also have a -10% range reduction.
The cost of producing all types of bombs has been reduced by 33%. This change will affect the Concussion, Electron. Lockbreaker, Scorch, Shrapnel and Void bombs.
Doomsday devices and smartbombs will no longer penetrate the shield of a starbase, even if you have permission to access the POS shields.
In order to bring the Berserker SW-900 drones in line with the changed webifiers, their speed factor is changed from -30% to -20%. Since the web effect is affected by a stacking penalty, 5x -30% web drones gives an overall reduction of 45.9%.
All medium drones have been changed as they were too effective against small targets. The optimal signature radius has been increased to 125m and increased tracking by a factor of 1.2x giving a change of -42.4% against smaller targets.
Particle Accelerator Units were being requested as building components for Infiltrator, Vespa, Hammerhead and Valkyrie Tech II drones. These have been changed to the correct construction component required by race. Therefore Infiltrator drones will use Laser Focusing Crystals, Vespa drones will use Superconductor Rails and Valkyrie drones will use Thermonuclear Trigger Units for Tech II production. Hammerhead drones will still require Particle Accelerator Units for construction.
Tech II Praetor drones now require two Laser Focusing Crystals for production to bring them in line with other Tech II heavy drone variants.
If you have any questions, feel free let us know, we will try our best to answer your questions. We at understand that casual gamers cannot make a life out of playing WoW.


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