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Patch Notes in Quantum Rise

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The description of the "Electronic Warfare" skill has been modified to clarify that it does not affect capital class modules.
The Chief Financial Officer skill book has been removed from the market.
Player Owned Structures, Stations and Outposts
You will now automatically relinquish control of starbase guns or system scanners whenever you disconnect from the client.
Ship assembly arrays of all sizes at starbases have had their descriptions changed to reflect new ship classes that they are able to produce. The Advanced Large Ship Assembly Array can now produce Black Ops, Marauders and Jump Freighters. The Advanced Medium Ship Assembly Array can produce Heavy Interdictors and the Advanced Small Ship Assembly Array can produce Electronic Attack Frigates.
The large ship assembly array has been renamed to X-Large Ship Assembly Array.
The Efficient Equipment Assembly Array has been renamed to the Equipment Assembly Array and the number of manufacturing slots has been increased to six. The time multiplier has also been changed to 0.75.
Advanced capital construction components have been added to the component assembly array. Component assembly arrays will now be able to manufacture these items.
The jump bridge fuel bay has been changed to allow only the correct fuel, liquid ozone, to be loaded.
Right clicking your mouse on the system scanning array in the scanner window will no longer give you the option to "Destroy Probe". The only action that can be performed will be "Relinquish Control".
POS gunners will now be able to target and destroy hostile drones in high security space.
The capital ship assembly array, cynosural system jammer and system scanning array were incorrectly displaying a mass of 100 kg. After a diet consisting of steak, pizza and Oveur's beer supply, they now display the correct mass of 10000000 kg.
Bookmarks will now display correctly in the corporate hangar array. This will allow them to be removed and allow the unanchoring of this module.

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