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Players Interface in Quantum Rise

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The aggression timer will now display correctly after docking and undocking and players will now see the correct aggression countdown at all times. The EVE client will no longer crash or throw exceptions when adding a waypoint after avoiding some solar systems.
EWAR icons will now disappear from the overview when a player has deactivated an EWAR module.
A typographical error has been corrected in the corporation wallet.
A grammatical error has been fixed in the self-destruct message.
The targeting lock sound will now only be heard at the correct time, once you have targeted something.
Align Left/Right option is now available in right context menu of solar system map browser.
The station information window will remain minimized when exiting the map.
Local channel will now update the correct number of players in a system whether the channel is minimized or not.
Station services window does not disappear when ships and items (open and stacked with a third window) are merged into the station panel.
The target box will no longer disappear on locked asteroids when the "Show Targeting Crosshairs" option is unchecked in the general settings.
Changing between tabs no longer has any effect on crosshairs. Crosshairs stay in space even if a new tab doesn't have the type visible.
Undocking with an open map will no longer replace map mouse controls with in-space mouse controls.
Colortags which identify players in your corporation or alliance, players who are marked as having good standing, bad standing or war targets will now display their colortag correctly in chat channels, character page, overview, EVE mail and address book.
Stations will now show up when using the scanner.
The "Simple View" option in the Contracts page will no longer truncate the names of items listed on contract when the contract column is resized.
Market details will no longer fail to update when scrolling the market quickbar past the bottom of the list using the keyboard. Additionally, if selected items were changed too fast the details would completely stop updating and the market window had to be re-opened to get it working again. This no longer happens and the market window will work properly.
Group windows under people and places for buddies, agents or places will now update immediately when a change takes place.
Increased the space between the left edge of the market window and the left y-axis of the chart to prevent text from leaking out of the window.
Resizing the world map control panel will no longer cause tabs to overlap.
The "Help" window will no longer resize when attached to other windows. This window size is set at a defined size and will no longer change.
The "Deliveries" window will remain open after relogging the client. Previously this window became inaccessible after reconnecting to the client if the window was left open.
The Science and Industry window will no longer become corrupted when trying to install a job directly after a clone jump when a player has not boarded a ship.
A visual bug concerning the loading of charges in the fitting screen has been fixed. The maximum capacity will now display correctly and will no longer appear as if the gun or launcher has more charges equipped than it can handle.

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